Family is here!

28 07 2012

Tobi, Mom, Jeff and Dad on the way home from the airport

My parents, my uncle Jeff and cousin Liz are finally here! They arrived early on Thursday morning and they were lucky to have 2 wonderful summer days with lots of sunshine for their first impression of Germany!

Now it’s back to rain for the weekend, which actually works pretty well because we were able to do lots of touristy stuff the past two days, and now we can work on folding wedding programs à la assembly line!

It’s nice having them here and showing them where I live! Jon, Jaimie and Abby arrive on Monday so then everyone who’s coming will be here! Should be fun.

(… WE GET MARRIED ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! Starting to get nervous/excited!)

Happy weekend to you all!


Practice bouquet

25 07 2012

LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY! YIPPEE!! Family will be here tomorrow!

One last post before they get here, and then posting may be a bit sporadic during the next few weeks. I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer when my fam is here, as I’m sure you can understand. Plus, we’ll be doing all that last-minute wedding stuff such as baking cupcakes and buying flowers, so there won’t be much time to post anyway!

Speaking of flowers, I didn’t get a chance to post about it, but last week I made a practice bouquet for the wedding. I am making my own bouquet so I figured I should try it out before-hand to have a better idea of what I’m doing. (The more you know, the less stress you have on the day of trying to figure out how to do something new for the first time!)

So I watched this video for some tips, got some flowers, and tried it out! And here’s the finished product!

The verdict?

Colors: Great! I love having a mix of colors so as not to look too much like a color scheme, especially since we don’t have “wedding colors” anyway! I know a lot of brides choose white, which is pretty because it’s classic, but I really want my flowers to POP!

Texture: Great to have a good mix. I love the summery feel of the bouquet and would love to add a bit more wildflowers to the mix next time. Plus, I’ll be adding a succulent in my wedding day bouquet. I also love how the flowers are mixed in together so that it’s not too uniform, but more casual. Adds to that summery feel.

Size: Not quite big enough for my big dress. So I’ll need double the amount of flowers for the big day. However, this size for the courthouse wedding will be perfect!

Wrap: Twine was the look I was going for, as it also corresponds to our wedding décor quite nicely. (The only thing is…the twine smells a bit strange! A bit earthy! But not a deal-breaker.) On my wedding day, I’ve got 2 pins from my grandmothers to add to it.

Those orange flowers are called safflowers. Pretty fun, right? I’m not sure what the green sputnik-lamp-looking flower/plant is called, but that also had a really great texture. It was really fun to make!

Around here

20 07 2012

Home stretch…two weeks left!! And out of my last five days of work before the wedding, I have now finished two. [Starting to get excited, yo!]

Now it’s the weekend, I’ve got a haircut appointment today (trimming off those split ends that haven’t been cut since last summer! and getting my bangs professionally reshaped), shopping with friends, finishing up wedding DIY, practicing our first dance choreography…the list goes on and on.

I am so very excited!

And I’m extra excited this morning because on the way home from work on my bike, I decided to ride on the other side of the street for once to switch it up a little. My spontaneity was rewarded, as I saw a box that said “Zu verschenken” (basically: FREE STUFF!) and it had 6 succulent plants in it! I screeched to a halt and pulled over and stuck as many of them in my bag as I could (4 of them fit!). There were a few bowls and mugs, too, but they weren’t awesome so I left them there for the next person.

Tobias isn’t as much of a fan of these plants as I am, but he told me he likes that I like these plants so much, and so it’s okay for him to have them around.

So…I’m one happy camper!

Happy Friday to you all!


This and that

13 07 2012

Boy, I tell ya – life sure is BUSY right now! Apart from the basics like eating, sleeping and working, basically every free moment is spent wedding planning. At this point in the planning process, it somehow feels weird saying “wedding planning” because most of the big things have already been planned. It’s just all the smaller details that we just have to get DONE. You know? Checking all that stuff off the list.

…although there are a few bigger things that are still not figured out…like who will be doing my hair/makeup for the big day. Oy.

So you can understand why things have been slow over here on the blog! But I’d like to say a big thank you to my Friday class for canceling, because that means I could sleep in and now have some time to write some posts! And having a long weekend is really great, since there is so much stuff to do.

First up on catching up: I bought some mini beach shovels and a bucket for my niece Abby for their visit here, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how very European the cartoon on the tag was.

See it? You would NOT see that kind of bathing suit in the US! Hah!


T-1 month

2 07 2012

Exactly one month from today, Tobias and I will be legally married. Our courthouse ceremony is at 11:20 a.m. at the Altona Rathaus. (It’s our local courthouse -isn’t it just gorgeous? We’re lucky to have such a photogenic building!)

If the weather’s nice, we’ll have a casual lunch party afterward in the backyard of our apartment building. If not, we’ll just move everyone inside!

I’m very much looking forward to it all. But man oh man, there is still so much to do! Tobi’s aunt has volunteered to make a bonafide Schwäbische Maultaschensuppe and some pies. And some friends of ours may bring a few things to contribute too. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for recipes and have had quite a lot of luck – there are a lot of summery recipes (this, for example!) out there that look perfect for a party! Our mint crop on our balcony is growing quite nicely, so I may also have to incorporate that into the menu somewhere.

Three more weeks (and 17 work days) until my family comes…33 days until the church wedding…4 weekends to get everything done! These numbers just keep getting smaller and smaller!


Plugging away

27 06 2012

Yesterday, Tobias and I spent some time in the evening running some wedding errands, making decisions, and figuring out a bit more of our ceremony. We stayed up a bit late last night doing that, but things are slowly falling into place. Still LOTS. TO. DO. though.

But I’m sure we’ll get it done in the end!

It’s getting exciting, too. My family will have arrived exactly one month from yesterday! That means just four weeks from today, I’ll be showing my jet-lagged family around Hamburg and probably working on all sorts of last-minute things that week before the wedding. Just 38 days until our wedding (and 36 days until the courthouse wedding). Aahh!

Side note, does anyone know any good (English) hymns I could use for the wedding? I only need one English one but have no idea where to start, as singing traditional hymns wasn’t really part of my experience growing up. Hmm…


Breakfast in the bay window

12 06 2012

On Fridays when I don’t have my one-on-one lesson later at the school, I only have one class in the morning. It’s only 10 minutes away from my house by bike, and it is from 7:30-9:00 a.m. So most times, when I come back from work, Tobias is just waking up and I have a second breakfast with him.

Last Friday it was sunny and gorgeous outside, so we had breakfast together on our “indoor balcony” – the little nook in our bay window. (Our real balcony is only sunny in the afternoons.)

I made some crêpes and we had a lovely breakfast. Tobias also surprised me with a present he brought back from his trip to Paris last week: fig jam from Reflets de France. Not only is fig jam my favorite thing EVER, but Reflets de France is also the best French brand ever. (To learn more, click on the link above!)

From the same brand, he also brought back some foie grasfleur de sel, and confit de canard. Yum!

What a perfect way to start off the weekend!

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: we *may* have worn our wedding rings during breakfast “to see what they look like in real sunlight”. The verdict: they look good! (Not shown in these pictures, though – they’re a secret until the wedding!)

Did anyone else have a hard time not trying on your wedding rings too often before the wedding? We’re trying not to do it too much so that it feels more special on the day of…but it’s just such a temptation!


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