3 02 2012

My love sent me this sweet video of a snoring dormouse:

It reminds me of my niece!

Poor thing was in the hospital this week after an episode of stopping breathing. She has reflux and that is apparently one of the (scary!) side effects. They kept her for a few days (and nights) and monitored her and did a bunch of tests, but it seems to just be the reflux. Hopefully that won’t happen again! It sure is a scary thing for the parents and the rest of the family. Poor babe! Glad she is doing better and that she is happy and home again.



Save The Date

23 01 2012

This Saturday, instead of working on those shoe flowers I talked about, I made a short stop motion Save The Date video!

*For my American readers, that’s August 4, 2012, not April 8th! The Europeans write the date backwards! We’re having a summer wedding!

It’s just a short little clip – but I had fun making it! I’ve always loved stop motion clips and really wanted to do something like that for my own wedding. My technique was simple. Our hardwood floors are pretty and so I decided to go with a natural theme, so I cut some felt to make grass and a simple tree. I sewed some sequins on a felt heart, added a few other props such as cotton balls, mini pom-poms and a piece of twine. I got the mirror letters at a craft store nearby (I already had the T&S and went back to get more for the date) and am planning on reusing them to work into a piece of art to commemorate our wedding date! During the movie, I wanted the date and letters to look like they were dancing, so I moved them around a lot too.

I just set it up on the floor with a little tripod, put my camera on a 2-second timer to get clearer shots, and took about 160 pictures, moving things around a little bit each time. Some shots are a little unfocused, you might notice, but that doesn’t bother me. It somehow adds to the charm! The song is by Brett Dennen and it’s called “Blessed”, which I think really embodies the feeling of having a wedding – “this is the most magnificent life has ever been” and “I’m going to celebrate being alive”. For sure!

Another bonus is that it’s so much more fun than sending out cards (and cheaper too, especially with overseas guests!) and it’s something you can always watch again and again.

We’ll be sending out paper invitations in the next few months, but now everyone can make their travel arrangements and hopefully get a cheaper airfare by booking early. Relatively cheap, at least, considering it’s high season. Sorry about that. But trust me — Hamburg is so much better in the summer!

So, it’s official: August 4th! Only 193 days left!

Happy weekend, folks!

21 01 2012

It’s a snowy, sleety day out there this weekend. I’m leaving in a few hours to head out to Lüneburg to meet my friend Jessica for a late lunch. I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty busy weekend!

So enjoy your weekend, everyone! And if you’re looking for a laugh, here are my two favorite videos I saw online this week:

One Happy Dog
(click to see movie – there was no embedding option)


a pretty great movie with a chameleon:


Midnight in Paris

30 08 2011

Last Friday night I went out with my friend Ariane to see Midnight in Paris at the small cinema near us.  That meant we saw it in German, which was okay but kind of strange, considering the fact that I’m American (and so is the movie) and Ariane is French, and the movie takes place in France.  But it was still a nice film!

I really enjoyed it!  Sure…as Ariane complained, it did have a lot of clichés.  The movie started out with short shots of all sorts of Paris landmarks.

But as much as I am glad I don’t live in Paris anymore, it still gave me a nice, nostalgic feeling that convinced me to go back to Paris for a visit sometime soon.

It was magical and such a cute plot idea!  I’m a total romantic when it comes to good art and literature, and the thought of meeting famous people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway in person makes me feel JUST like a pre-teen girl would feel if given the chance to meet Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber.  I’d be beyond excited!

Owen Wilson was adorable…the only thing I missed about seeing it in German was not hearing his voice!  And Marion Cotillard was also quite fabulous.  And it was a nice reminder that the “old days” are not necessarily the best days, that there is value in living in the here and now!  Even when it’s raining…or especially when it’s raining, a place can be beautiful.  (That was definitely something to think about because we’d had thunderstorms all evening!)

Carla Bruni & Owen Wilson

Marion Cotillard & Owen

Plus, Kathy Bates, the actor who plays Jo from The Office, was Gertrude Stein in this movie, and the fiancée’s father was played Kurt Fuller, who is also the coroner in Psych!  So funny to see both of them in more serious roles…  Plus, there was Carla Bruni (France’s first lady!) in a small role, as well as Gad Elmaleh, a French actor.  It was fun for me to see so many familiar faces.

Has anyone else seen this movie?  What did you think?  Did it appeal to the romantic side of you, or did you think it was over-the-top cliché?

(Click images for picture sources)



17 08 2011

There’s this shoe company here in Europe called Zalando.  It’s actually not only for shoes, but also for fashion (check out the UK site in English), but they do most of their advertising focus on shoes.

It’s kind of like Zappos in the States in the fact that they do free shipping both ways (in case you want to return the items) and it has a long return policy of 100 days (though Zappos has 365!).

One of their new commercials just came out and had me laughing just as hard as their previous ones.  They’re really quite amusing!  The motto is “Schrei vor Glück” – scream for joy – and they incorporate that into each of their ads.

The first one is a group of hippies:

The second one is at a nudist camp:

(the big guy with the whistle tells the mailman that HE has to undress, lol)

And the third one is…um…during a bank robbery:

Of course, the timing of the new ad, what with the recent riots in London and in other places, is drawing it a bit of controversy.  Bank robbery is obviously not funny at all in real life.  But advertising pushes the boundaries all the time.  And since when was advertising supposed to be exactly like real life?

So, keeping that in mind, at least in the commercial the bad guys are caught because of the unexpected excitement of the women in the ad.  LOL.

What commercials have made you smile recently?  Have there been any controversial ones where you live?



7 06 2011

Today I stumbled across this old Pepsi commercial from 1984 with a very bad “Billy Jean”-turned-Pepsi jingle and an appearance from Michael Jackson.

But the best part was the fact that Alfonso Ribeiro starred in this commercial.  I didn’t recognize him at first, but then was tipped off by one of the comments: “I would never have known the kid in the red jacket was Carlton from Fresh Prince if it wasn’t for the stupid face he makes at 1:19”.  

I looked back at the video, not believing the comment, but then suddenly 1:19 happened and there was no doubt about it.

Hilarious!  And some pretty good dance moves, I must add.  Check it out!



Apartment Tour: Video Edition

6 01 2011

Here’s a video I took of our apartment the week before Christmas.  Only a few things have changed since then, including the hanging of our coat rack and an oversized calendar on the wall above our front door.  It’s funny how this little change already feels like it’s made a big difference in making the place feel like a home.

Note:  If you’re using a reader to view this post, the video wont’ be visible.  Go check it out on the main blog page!

We haven’t put up any art on the walls yet.  It’s so hard to choose!


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