Wedding shoes

20 01 2012

So, I have a confession…

I’m pretty picky about shoes.

I absolutely cannot stand blisters, and I have learned not to buy shoes that don’t feel comfortable from the very first moment I put them on, because I won’t wear them.

I’ve had to buy high heels for various special events (weddings, dances, prom, etc.). After all of that effort to find comfy dress shoes, they don’t get worn all that often!

So, I’m thinking that for my wedding, I’ll give these shoes a second chance. By not buying a new pair of shoes, it will save both money AND closet space!

So, to spruce up my old shoes a little, and to make them feel a bit more special, I’m thinking two words: shoe clips.

The internet has been helpful in my search for ideas. These ones by (above) are super-cute, of course – they made their way around the blogosphere about a year ago. And there are many different flower shoe clips available for purchase at shops such as these ones by B Poetic on Etsy.

But I’m itching to do something crafty again, so I found some fabric at Karstadt (they have a pretty good selection!) and ordered some shoe clip bases online and will try my hand at making my own pair this weekend!

It’ll be my first DIY for the wedding!




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