Happy birthday, Laura!

19 06 2010

Happy birthday to Laura!

She’s my best friend from college and I love her dearly.  We’ve had so many wonderful experiences together, and I treasure her friendship.  I’m so happy we met at that freshman icebreaker event on the first day of college!  (We bonded when I said I liked her shirt and she said, “Thanks, it’s from the thrift store!” – and I replied, “Mine too!!!”)  It turned out that our love of thrift stores wasn’t the only thing we had in common, and we became fast friends.  And I believe that Laura will be a life-long friend, even though the Atlantic ocean separates us.

Her sense of humor always makes me laugh, and she understands my humor too; she is a very intelligent and diplomatic person; she is creative; she loves to have fun; she thinks and feels deeply about things that are important to her; she has a heart for volunteering and helping others; she is encouraging and brave.  I’m so thankful to have Laura in my life!

Here’s to wishing her an amazing 24th birthday and a fabulous new year of life!  To celebrate, here’s a blast from our past:

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Snow problem (s’no problem!)

10 02 2010

Well, it was another special week of teaching.  Monday went pretty well, and 6 out of my 8 classes felt like they were a success.  I also had the pleasure of teaching my first straight-up grammar lesson to my 10- & 11-year-olds.  And then one of my 9-year-olds made me laugh pretty hard when he said, “Au revoir, maman!  Euhhh…teacher! He called me “mommy”.  Ha!  I also got a few art project presents from kids: one girl’s drawing was especially touching*:

(*Though I don’t know if she really loves English, or if she was just sucking up because she and her class had just finished a test that day!  However, in my last post, I listed a few ways to get on your teacher’s bad side; well, this is one of the ways to get on their good side!)

Tuesday was a little bit more bizarre, and had a lot to do with discipline: I had to be a little mean yesterday.  One kid was playing with a lighter under his desk, and then he lied about it to his main teacher.  He got in big trouble for that, and spent the rest of the class period sulking.  Even so, Tuesday was about a 5/8 on my scale – 5 good classes is a very good day.  I can’t complain.

In other news…

There’s been a lot of snow back home in the States.  All the French teachers have been

excitedly talking about it, and of course they ask me about it.  I would have liked to have been there for the “snowpocalypse”, as they’re calling it, since I haven’t seen that much snow since the Blizzard of 96.  Although I can imagine I would also have cabin fever and not enjoy shoveling snow for several days in a row or having to drive to work in that mess.  But the distance from it makes me feel a little more nostalgic about snowstorms!  It looks like my brother and his girlfriend (who are visiting me 4 weeks from now!) had a ton of fun playing in the snow.  I’m glad they sent me pictures so I could see what my house looks like with so much snow!

(Thanks, Jaimie, for the photo!)

It’s snowy in Paris today, too.  An hour ago, it was snowing quite a bit.  Now, everything on my neighboring rooftops is melted and the sky is even a light shade of blue, and it’s pretty sunny!  I’m glad I caught the pretty snow before it stopped.  It makes me feel a little closer to home.

This was my view from my window this morning:

There is a small chance of snow for the rest of the day.  It’s funny: I need to go grocery shopping, because I’m out of milk and bread.  How very typical.


30 05 2009

I’m a newly-converted fan of Frozen Yogurt.

Angela, an old childhood friend, told me about this place in Annapolis called “Yofiore.”  We went there on Wednesday, and lemme just say…I AM IMPRESSED!  I am a fan for 3 major reasons:

  1. Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) is delicious, & also so very refreshing!

    I had plain frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries & blackberries on top!

    I had plain frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries & blackberries on top!

  2. The décor is funky & fun!

    Modern, sleek decorations - those chairs are quite comfortable!

    Modern, sleek decorations - those chairs are quite comfortable!

  3. It’s a great place to go with a friend!
    Angela at FroYo - her outfit matches the décor!

    Angela at FroYo - her outfit matches the décor!

    Me, enjoying my FroYo

    Me, enjoying my FroYo

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