22 05 2012

I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and, thanks to a little inspiration from her, coupled with the possibility of playing soccer with Tobi’s team on Monday, I decided to go for a run this afternoon after work. It’s the hottest day yet here in Hamburg – we’ve finally hit 81°F and the sun is shining!

BOY am I out of shape! I haven’t run for any reason other than to catch a train or bus in years. Actually, now that I think about it, it has to have been my last year of high school. 8 years ago. Uh, yeah.

The problem is, I hate running. It’s not something I enjoy, and I only put up with it all those years ago because I at least had a ball to run after and a game to pay attention to, and it was the only way to increase my endurance.

That said, I didn’t make it very long out there.

Per Gretchen’s recommendation, I had told myself I would run for 20 minutes. That’s less than a half hour, so it doesn’t really seem that long. So I put on my gear and slathered on a layer of sunscreen, plugged in my iPod and headed out the door. I’ve heard listening to music can help people who don’t especially like running, so I figured it was worth a shot. Then I hit the street and started running. Well, to be honest, I should say jogging, because there is no way my pace could be considered running.

I jogged for what felt like it must have been at least 10 minutes, already feeling the burn. I looked down at my watch. IT HAD BEEN 4 MINUTES. Not even 1/4 of my total. But I promised myself ice cream at the end of my 20 minutes, so I kept on going. I ran aimlessly around my neighborhood, painfully aware of the stitch in my side. I did walk a bit for maybe 5 minutes total, so 15 minutes of actual running interspersed with walking isn’t too bad after 8 years.

My final destination was Eis Liebe, my favorite ice cream parlor. I treated myself to an ice cream cone – one scoop strawberry, one scoop lemon, and 100% refreshing after my inaugural jog. I sat in the sun in the park nearby and continued listening to my iPod as I enjoyed my treat and the endorphin rush I got from both the exercise and the ice cream.

Good thing I’m not running to burn calories, right?


Washi tape = LOVE

19 05 2012

Again, I’m pretty late to the game, but with the opening of the new idee craft store in the shopping center nearby, I finally splurged on some washi tape. I bought my self 3 rolls and then proceeded to fall in love with this stuff immediately. Why didn’t I try this sooner?! I went back today and bought myself 2 more rolls.

You can do all sorts of wonderful things with washi tape! Here are some of the things I’d like to try!

AND, my favorite so far, is making tiny toothpick flags!

I’ve made more than I can count…what can I say…I’m pretty obsessed!

I’m not sure about the colors yet (I may need an excuse to buy more washi tape!) but I am planning on using these as cupcake toppers for our wedding. That’s right – we’ve decided to make cupcakes in lieu of a big cake. It’s easier to manage (plus, my mom is a pro when it comes to baking large batches of cupcakes), and it’s a nice tip of the hat to my American culture and I’m sure our German guests will love it.

Moral of the story: if you haven’t tried this stuff yet, go out and buy yourself a roll! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Thank God for spring

9 05 2012

Spring has sprung and I am enjoying the abundance of green I’m seeing around here. I absolutely love these red flowers on a bush that’s near one of the places I teach at. It’s interesting how they bloom so close to the branches, with the leaves on the outside – just clustered together in the middle of the plant. Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?

So pretty!


Paper straws – YES!

23 04 2012

I’m SUPER psyched…100 of these paper straws are coming my way! I got them on Etsy from Hey YoYo. They’ve got all the colors you could think of! We’re planning on using them for lunch at our apartment after our courthouse wedding.

Paper straws just make everything more fancy & fun!  Like this Riesling strawberry slushy recipe from With Style and Grace. YUM!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Also…my littlest cousin turns 18 today! I can’t believe it!  Happy birthday, James!


A suit and flowers

16 03 2012

On Tuesday I went to the Europa Passage, which is a pretty good-sized mall in downtown Hamburg.   I went there to go to the Idee shop to pick up some various craft supplies, and while I was there, I saw two things that intrigued me in shops right next to each other.

The first is a shop for men called Wormland. What an awful name for English-speaking people! Makes me think of earthworms crawling up out of the ground in big, squirmy masses. A land filled with worms. Hah! But it’s actually a pretty upscale place with lots of big name men’s fashion. And this awesome hot pink suit was in the display window:

Somehow I could totally picture Tobias wearing that kind of suit. Perhaps it’s a bit too flashy, but in the right circumstances…?  And that blue/gray combination in the front is also pretty sexy, I might add. Just way less fun than the pink one!

The second shop, Hallhuber, also had a nice window display with big, white flowers that made me think that would be some pretty awesome wedding DIY décor. You’d just need a whole lot of paper! I don’t think I’ll be doing this for my own wedding, but it sure is pretty with the white flowers and just the texture and layering of the flowers. It would be an interesting backdrop for either a ceremony or a reception!


Awesome Things

13 03 2012

I was walking around my neighborhood yesterday and happened upon this little fellow:

Isn’t he sweet? He was just hanging out there in the corner between two houses, just chillin’ with his neon crown and diamond brooch. And he had the most gangly arms and legs, too.

I love finding random awesome things like this.

And speaking of which, have you seen this site yet? They’re doing a list of 1000 awesome things about life. It’s always a lot to read, but I find them to be quite enjoyable!

So, what’s the most recent awesome thing that’s happened to you?


On my next IKEA wishlist

12 03 2012

It’s getting to be springtime and I am eagerly awaiting the day when I won’t need my big, bulky winter coat anymore. Every winter, it always gets to the point where enough is enough. True spring weather probably won’t come to Hamburg for at least another month and a half, if not longer. I’m not getting my hopes up.

But with all of the stores advertising for Easter and introducing more brightly colored clothes and shoes, I am definitely in the mood for spring.

A few days ago, we got a little magazine from IKEA introducing their new line of products. So I think  it will soon be time to go back there again and pick up a few new things!

On my wishlist are:

SOLVINDEN solar lights – 14.99 € – this pop of color would be so perfect for our balcony on a spring/summer night!

GRENÖ pillows – 12.99 € – I don’t usually go for yellow, but I love the stripes!

TINDRA scented candle – 1.99 € – I usually get the cinnamon ones, but springtime calls for a new scent – green apple!

ANGENÄM bowl – 19.99 € –  it’s not necessarily springy, but I’m very into gold right now!

ANTONIUS drying rack – 9.99 € – I like that this one hangs on the balcony and would provide just a little bit of extra space so we could sit outside and let the clothes dry at the same time!

BÄRBAR tray – 6,99 € – Colorful birdies – it can’t get more springy than that!

IKEA 365+ Étagère – 14,99 € – This is probably difficult to store when not in use, but this would be perfect for the wedding-related lunches we plan on hosting at my house!

All images from the IKEA website. Click on the photo to go to their original (German) page!  This post is not sponsored or anything – I just really like IKEA!


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