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1 05 2012

May 1st is Labor Day here in Germany, and we were graced with sunny and warm weather on our day off from work. We took full advantage of it down by the Elbe on the beach, with strawberries to snack on and a beer and lunch from a nearby restaurant. Life is good.

Here’s what our day looked like:

Now we’re back home, things have been tidied up just a bit around the apartment, and for dinner, the asparagus quiche cooking up in the oven right now.

Happy May!


And we’re off!

6 04 2012

It’s time for our 3rd annual Easter road trip! Tobi and I are headed out to pick up our rental car at the airport and then we’re off — heading somewhere in the direction of north/northwest. Or northeast. Or anywhere that looks interesting. We’re planning on camping, so I’m hoping that the forecast for rain isn’t really true…!

(This picture was taken today on board a ship at the Elbe.)

We’ll be back Monday, so I wish you all a happy Easter!

Sweet Valentine

14 02 2012

This is a vintage postcard Tobias picked up in Paris at one point. It’s actually in a sepia tone, but someone colored it in a strange way and it looks a little…um…special. Black and suits the photo much better, I think!

This Valentine’s Day is special because it’s our first as an engaged couple, and our next one will be as a married couple!

I was banned from the kitchen for several hours while Tobias made these beautiful and delicious chocolates for me.

Thanks, Tobi! What a lucky girl I am to have you!

And dark chocolate – 85% – is THE BEST. With three different types of fillings – regular chocolate, fig, and spicy chocolate and fig together. YUM.



Back in Hamburg

31 12 2011

Just in time for New Year’s Eve.

We got in around 10 this morning, went home, went back out to get groceries, and then hit the sack for several hours. We’re leaving now to go to a raclette party with a bunch of friends.

It’s always hard leaving my family. Still get tears to my eyes when I think about it. I especially miss Abigail, and am sorry that we live so far away and I can’t be around to watch her grow.

But no regrets. I’m so glad we got to visit my family this past week. And now a new year is coming, and I’m sure it will shape up to be a very interesting year indeed. (Our wedding will be sometime in there!)

So, as the Germans, say, “Guten Rutsch” – have a nice slide into the New Year!



Merry Christmas 2011

27 12 2011

Christmas with the family was so great this year. We had a big breakfast (including cinnamon rolls and orange rolls! yum!) and opened presents together. My aunt, uncle and cousins had to leave in the afternoon, so we just had the evening together to relax and play some card games together.

This one definitely stole the show, though! And rightfully so! Just look at this cutie in her My 1st Christmas pajamas!

It’s been so wonderful holding Abby and watching her. She’s so adorable! This morning I got to snuggle with her for quite a while after I got up, while she slept in my arms. I really treasure these moments!

Hope you all had a relaxing, wonderful Christmas too, however you happened to celebrate this year. I can’t believe it’s over already!


That Christmas feeling

21 12 2011

Well, WE are on our way to the States as you read this! That’s right, we! Tobias surprised me last minute…he’s coming home with me for Christmas! This evening we had a nice Christmas together and gave each other presents. More on that later…exciting things!

So we’re on our way and as happy as can be. Life couldn’t be more grand.

I made a silly little video of our tree and some other Christmassy details from around the house. Enjoy!


Ice ice baby

16 12 2011


Tobi and I have both managed to catch a cold. He started yesterday, and I began today with the runny nose, stuffy head and general fatigue. Today we’re planning to drink a lot of liquids and eat chicken noodle soup. It’s a rainy day anyway, so it’s perfect for staying indoors and relaxing.

If the weather cooperates, and if we feel up to it, today’s advent calendar activity is to go ice skating. They probably have a few places to do this in Hamburg, but I had the Eisarena at Planten un Blomen in mind.

For now, I’ve got a playlist of chill Christmas music and am sitting next to the tree, drinking tea and perusing Pinterest. I plan to go out as soon as my tea is finished so I can buy some ingredients for our soup, and perhaps do a little more window shopping while I’m at it.

Hope your Friday is relaxing. It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Have you got all your shopping done yet?


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