Restoring order

12 08 2012

They say that “time flies when you’re having fun”, and whoever they are, they’re correct! These past three weeks have truly flown by. What a great feeling having had these three weeks filled with visits from family and friends who came here for the sole purpose of celebrating with us. Thank you, everyone!

Now everybody has gone and it’s just us two again. And I’m exhausted, yet content. I’m just blown away by the kindness everyone showed in helping out with making the wedding festivities go smoothly. It’s bittersweet, though, as goodbyes usually are. I’m definitely missing having my family and friends just a short walk away. Especially my sweet little red-headed niece, Abigail, who turned 10 months old yesterday (on her mother’s birthday…happy birthday, Jaimie!)

I’m also incredibly happy to be a newlywed…and I still get a twinge of excitement when I see that ring on Tobi’s finger. (See it in the picture below?) Yesterday, I saw a sign in a shop that said, “I want to marry a cowboy!” and I smiled to myself that this phrase, “I want to marry…” is now part of my past, since I’ve already married the man of my dreams! It’s an exciting new phase of life and I am looking forward to enjoying it with my new husband.

Tobias & Abby at the Baltic Sea

He’s back to work this weekend, and I go back to work tomorrow. So I’m just trying to get the house back in order so things feel more normal again. Though we still have a big pile of unopened wedding presents in the corner, which I am excited about opening over the next week. Tobias had the fantastic idea of spreading out opening the presents, instead of opening them all in one fell swoop. I wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but he’s totally right. This way, it’s not just one other wedding task to check off the list, but rather to enjoy it, to take more time reading the cards and appreciating the thoughtful presents people have given.

I have about a bazillion pictures to share and stories to tell from these past few weeks. And now that the wedding is over and it doesn’t need to be a surprise anymore, I am excited to share more about all the lovely details! So you can expect the rest of this month to be filled with a lot of wedding updates. So if that’s not your thing…see you in September! 😉


À bientôt, Diane!

10 06 2012

My French friend Diane just went back to France yesterday after 6 months here in Hamburg. She had to go back to work on her master’s degree in architecture.

I’m sad she’s gone, because we hung out a lot and I really enjoyed her company.

Last Tuesday, she came over to my place for dinner and we made crêpes for dinner and dessert, we drank red wine, ate cheese, listened to music, and danced while cooking.

She’s coming back for our wedding in August and then will be here for 2 weeks in October, so that’s something to look forward to at least. And I may just have to take a weekend trip to Bordeaux to visit! (Hey, any excuse to visit France is a good excuse!)

Hochzeit survival kit

8 06 2012

So, my friends threw me a wonderful bachelorette party last weekend. They took me to Brasserie La Provence – a fancy little French restaurant in our neighborhood.

Ariane and Diane planned it early because Diane is going back to France soon (though she’s coming back for our wedding weekend!). I thought I would just be going out to dinner with them, but was pleasantly surprised when our other two friends Tanja and Susanne were there too! The five of us started off with an apéritif on the house, and then we enjoyed a delicious three-course meal complete with crème brûlée for dessert! The food was amazing. And the girl talk was so much fun. *wink wink!*

AND…they know me so well…they didn’t embarrass me with the typical German bachelorette party of going out dressed up in a strange costume and having to sell things like condoms or handcuffs to random strangers on the street. Whew! Thank goodness!

And they gave me this awesome present…a wedding survival kit! Ariane embellished the map she drew for our wedding invitation with all of the things that could possibly go wrong on our way to the wedding, and then there was a gift to go along with each thing. What an awesome idea! (I also LOVE the mix of English and German – that’s pretty much the way I talk nowadays too!)

More pictures after the jump!


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Girls’ Night In

23 05 2012

Today we have a painter here who was scheduled to arrive 5 minutes before I had to leave to go to work, so I figured it might be good to have a contingency plan in case he he didn’t come on time. Tobias is on a short business trip to Paris, so he wasn’t around to do it. So yesterday, I rang the doorbell across the hall to see if our neighbor friends Johannes & Ivi might be around to let the painter in.

The painter came on time this morning, so no plan B was needed. But it turned out that Johannes wasn’t in town either, and Ivi made a comment about both of us being alone for the evening. So I suggested, “Why don’t we have dinner together?” And we decided that it was a fantastic idea and planned to meet around 7.

She put together a lovely salad, and I brought over some avocados and a mango, and together we had a healthy, delicious meal and sat out on her balcony since it was so gorgeous out. We laughed a lot, and she ignored my bad grammar and slow speech and we had a fun time talking and eating together. We sat out there until about 10, when it was getting dark and chilly, and then I headed back across the hall to my apartment.

Before that, I was just looking forward to watching some TV and probably eating something lazy like the box of Kraft macaroni & cheese (!!) that one of my coworkers gave me. But having some company, and getting to know Ivi better was infinitely more satisfying! She’s super-nice and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

It came up that I’d never seen Dirty Dancing before, and we decided that we’d have to have another girls’ night and watch it together sometime. “Even if the boys are there,” she said, “we’ll just kick them out and watch our chick flick together.”

We’re so lucky to have such cool neighbors, and I’m glad I took the opportunity to be spontaneous and suggest dinner. Thanks for the wonderful evening, Ivi!


Friday in Sülldorf

14 05 2012

I have good friends who live out in the suburbs (although really not too far away), and this past Friday after work, I went over there to relax at their house and hang out with Ariane. Her sister Diane came with me and we had a great time making chocolate cupcakes and fruit salad for an afternoon snack.

We gathered a few flowers from around the neighborhood and Diane created this gorgeous bouquet. (She used to work at a florist’s shop!)

I made a smaller one, which wasn’t really a bouquet, but it could have been if I’d had some floral wire to give a stem to that pinecone.

Baby Émile slept for a long time, so Diane, Ariane and I started making a mobile for him out of a sturdy cardboard box and a lot of imagination. We didn’t finish it that day, so I can’t wait to see the finished product later!

It was great to hang out with some friends, and it was also pretty good for my French to get a chance to use it with some native speakers. Plus, Ariane and Diane are some of the most talented and kind women I know, so it really was a wonderful time with them.


Oberlandesgericht and a Leap Day Baby!

2 03 2012

I’m back!

Sorry for the silence this week. I have really missed writing here on my blog and am glad to be back!  This week there was just too much going on to update. Things were busy with work and then traveling for the funeral. I’m so glad I was able to be with the family, and though the circumstances were not really happy ones, it was nice to see everyone again. And as Tobias said, sometimes the more solemn celebrations knit family and friends closer together in a way that happier celebrations don’t necessarily do.

Well, it’s finally the weekend and things are a little bit back to normal. And we got some happy news from good friends of ours, Matthias and Ariane – their baby Émile was born on Leap Day! I can’t wait to meet him this weekend! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

Wedding paperwork update

We got a letter from the court that our documents had arrived and I had to go pay the 50€ fee so that they could send it back to the Standesamt. They should receive it in about a week and then we can finally go in and set a date for the courthouse part of our wedding.

I had to go to two very big, impressive courthouse buildings at Sievekingplatz.  This one to pay the fee:

And to this second one to show the receipt so they could go ahead and send the documents to the Standesamt:


Party hardy

20 12 2011

This is the bouquet I brought home for the birthday boy. I was surprised to find ranunculus and tulips at the flower shop – it’s not exactly the season for those. But ranunculus is one of Tobi’s favorites (mine too, actually) and so I picked up a bunch and these pretty berries to go with it. Makes quite the nice combination!

When I gave Tobi his present, I took a video of it. I just watched it again now – the look on his face is so priceless! So shocked – and then he said, “Honey, are you craaaaay-zee? Is that the real thing?” Me: “Yes it is. I hope you like it.” Him: “Is that the real thing?” So great. Videos are so great to look back on. I really should do it more often.

The birthday party last night was a huge success. I got there an hour after it started (after getting off work) and the house was FILLED with people! I was impressed, since usually people show up much later to parties. It was kind of a special thing, walking into my own apartment after work and seeing it so transformed into a party space. Everything looked wonderful – candles everywhere, twinkle lights in the kitchen, and the scent of Glühwein. They’d even lit the candles on the Christmas tree, and Christmas music was playing in the background. Tobias did a great job of making everything look nice, and, true to form, he was the life of the party.

It was fun seeing pretty much all of the people I know at the party. The cakes and sweets everyone brought were delicious, and Tobias did a great job with the Glühwein and the non-alcoholic apple cider.

Things finished around 12:30. Not too late, but it was sure nice to sleep in the next day!


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