Restoring order

12 08 2012

They say that “time flies when you’re having fun”, and whoever they are, they’re correct! These past three weeks have truly flown by. What a great feeling having had these three weeks filled with visits from family and friends who came here for the sole purpose of celebrating with us. Thank you, everyone!

Now everybody has gone and it’s just us two again. And I’m exhausted, yet content. I’m just blown away by the kindness everyone showed in helping out with making the wedding festivities go smoothly. It’s bittersweet, though, as goodbyes usually are. I’m definitely missing having my family and friends just a short walk away. Especially my sweet little red-headed niece, Abigail, who turned 10 months old yesterday (on her mother’s birthday…happy birthday, Jaimie!)

I’m also incredibly happy to be a newlywed…and I still get a twinge of excitement when I see that ring on Tobi’s finger. (See it in the picture below?) Yesterday, I saw a sign in a shop that said, “I want to marry a cowboy!” and I smiled to myself that this phrase, “I want to marry…” is now part of my past, since I’ve already married the man of my dreams! It’s an exciting new phase of life and I am looking forward to enjoying it with my new husband.

Tobias & Abby at the Baltic Sea

He’s back to work this weekend, and I go back to work tomorrow. So I’m just trying to get the house back in order so things feel more normal again. Though we still have a big pile of unopened wedding presents in the corner, which I am excited about opening over the next week. Tobias had the fantastic idea of spreading out opening the presents, instead of opening them all in one fell swoop. I wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but he’s totally right. This way, it’s not just one other wedding task to check off the list, but rather to enjoy it, to take more time reading the cards and appreciating the thoughtful presents people have given.

I have about a bazillion pictures to share and stories to tell from these past few weeks. And now that the wedding is over and it doesn’t need to be a surprise anymore, I am excited to share more about all the lovely details! So you can expect the rest of this month to be filled with a lot of wedding updates. So if that’s not your thing…see you in September! 😉


Family is here!

28 07 2012

Tobi, Mom, Jeff and Dad on the way home from the airport

My parents, my uncle Jeff and cousin Liz are finally here! They arrived early on Thursday morning and they were lucky to have 2 wonderful summer days with lots of sunshine for their first impression of Germany!

Now it’s back to rain for the weekend, which actually works pretty well because we were able to do lots of touristy stuff the past two days, and now we can work on folding wedding programs à la assembly line!

It’s nice having them here and showing them where I live! Jon, Jaimie and Abby arrive on Monday so then everyone who’s coming will be here! Should be fun.

(… WE GET MARRIED ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! Starting to get nervous/excited!)

Happy weekend to you all!

7 months going on 17

21 05 2012

Look at this little red-headed cutie who’s sitting up all on her own now!

My niece Abigail is 7 months old now, and I got to Skype with her last week. (Well…mostly my sister-in-law, because Abby doesn’t say much yet.)

Gosh, they grow so fast! I can’t wait to see her in July when they come for the wedding!


Oberlandesgericht and a Leap Day Baby!

2 03 2012

I’m back!

Sorry for the silence this week. I have really missed writing here on my blog and am glad to be back!  This week there was just too much going on to update. Things were busy with work and then traveling for the funeral. I’m so glad I was able to be with the family, and though the circumstances were not really happy ones, it was nice to see everyone again. And as Tobias said, sometimes the more solemn celebrations knit family and friends closer together in a way that happier celebrations don’t necessarily do.

Well, it’s finally the weekend and things are a little bit back to normal. And we got some happy news from good friends of ours, Matthias and Ariane – their baby Émile was born on Leap Day! I can’t wait to meet him this weekend! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

Wedding paperwork update

We got a letter from the court that our documents had arrived and I had to go pay the 50€ fee so that they could send it back to the Standesamt. They should receive it in about a week and then we can finally go in and set a date for the courthouse part of our wedding.

I had to go to two very big, impressive courthouse buildings at Sievekingplatz.  This one to pay the fee:

And to this second one to show the receipt so they could go ahead and send the documents to the Standesamt:


On life and death and everything in between

25 02 2012

We got news on Thursday evening that Tobi’s Oma had died. It’s sad news, although the family is really comforted in the fact that she died peacefully in her sleep, at the ripe old age of 100. It’s pretty amazing that she made it that long and was really quite fit all the way up until the end.

She saw a lot of things in her life – lived through both world wars, worked hard to provide for her children, and was a really wonderful grandmother.

This picture was from her 100th birthday celebration last August. She sure didn’t look that old in this picture, right!?

I’m sad that she’s gone. Tobias and I would have so loved for her to be around for our wedding. Or for our first child, who if it is a girl, we want to name after her. (We so wish we could have told our plans for that before she died. She would have been so honored and glad about that.) She was really such an incredible woman and I liked her a lot. I’m glad that I got the chance to meet her several times.

Rest in peace, Oma. You’ll be greatly missed.

Tobias and I are going to Fellbach, her hometown (near Stuttgart), to the funeral on Wednesday. It’s always good to be with family at times like this.

It’s hard to know what to say, really. Just that life is so precious, and it’s sad when it’s over.



1981 Wedding

9 02 2012

My parents got married in March 1981.

They had big hair and big glasses, as was the style back then. My dad wore an all-white tuxedo (with tails!), and my mom a lace dress with a hoop skirt underneath. They sat on big wicker peacock chairs at their reception like this:

I remember sitting on one of them as a kid…I think we had one in our house for a short while.

Fast forward to 2011

When we were home for Christmas this year, right after our engagement, Mom decided to pull out her wedding dress from the attic for me to try on. The gown had been preserved and had not been pulled out of the box for 30 years. So when we opened the first layer of the box and the dress looked blue, we were quite surprised!

But it was just the plastic cover that was blue though, not the dress.  Whew!

I never really imagined one day trying on my mother’s wedding dress, but it was so much fun! I am most definitely not wearing it at my wedding, but it was fun and we really had a lot of laughs. It is a pretty dress, and definitely a lot less crazy without the hoop, but it was really quite itchy with all that lace! Mom and I are both sure it has the potential to come back in style, but perhaps not until the next generation is ready to get married.

Despite its itchiness, I thought the lace detail on the top was really quite pretty! Perhaps if the dress were altered to get rid of the sleeves, it could be kind of pretty in an almost vintage sort of way!

And she even pulled out the bouquet she had for me to hold. It was made with silk flowers, and it has been sitting in their breakfront all these years!  It has yellowed a bit…. But look at that! It was such a nice mother-daughter moment.




3 02 2012

My love sent me this sweet video of a snoring dormouse:

It reminds me of my niece!

Poor thing was in the hospital this week after an episode of stopping breathing. She has reflux and that is apparently one of the (scary!) side effects. They kept her for a few days (and nights) and monitored her and did a bunch of tests, but it seems to just be the reflux. Hopefully that won’t happen again! It sure is a scary thing for the parents and the rest of the family. Poor babe! Glad she is doing better and that she is happy and home again.



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