23 07 2012

One of my mini succulents is blooming! It’s my very first one to grow little flowers. How exciting! Also, an added bonus: see the rainbows on the left side of the picture? I took this at night while the chandelier was on – the chandelier shoots rainbows all over the room! How can one not be happy when their living room is full of such color and little flowers?

Hope you all have a good start to your week. I’m pretty much psyched because I just have a 3-day week and get to see my family on Thursday!

P.S. Also, a shout-out to Malorie, my dear friend from high school whose birthday it is today! Happy 26th birthday, Mal!


Flea market finds

16 07 2012

As I mentioned in the last post, we’ve gone to quite a few flea markets recently in order to find old books and candlesticks for our wedding reception.

For the first time, we went out to the flea market at the Trabrennbahn, which is normally a horse racing track, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays, they have a pretty sizable flea market!

We had even more luck when we got there, because we ended up getting this beautiful red office chair for 10€.

I don’t know how Tobias did it…but he carried the chair home on his bike. Hardcore, man.

Turns out the chair is a pretty good brand, too. It’s Labofa, which is a Danish company that specializes in chairs and office seating.

Our chair looks a lot like these. Perhaps our chair has been painted before, because there is black paint underneath the red that is chipping. But I love that it gives it that extra cool look! It’s now sitting happily in our kitchen and matches the floor tiles very well!

The unicorn on the wall

7 05 2012

Remember how I mentioned we were taking down the wallpaper in our apartment? Most of our apartment pretty much looks like this right now:

We didn’t take down all of it, although we’d much prefer to have nice, smooth walls instead of the typical textured wallpaper found in most German apartments. We only took it down on the walls that are facing outside, in the hopes that the mold we had professionally removed will stay away. With the exception of the wall in the living room, because it would look weird otherwise. Hopefully the painter will come soon and we can get things back to normal.

In the kitchen, though, it looks like there’s a unicorn on the wall. Do you see it, too?

It’s like cloud-watching…except here it’s on the wall in our kitchen!


Happy weekend!

21 04 2012

Tobi’s back home from his 5-day trip to Zürich, just in time to spend the weekend with me. He brought back some pretty  things from our favorite thrift store in Zürich, the Zürcher Brockenhaus, including these vintage glasses, a unique carafe, and a set of gold-rimmed schnapps glasses!

Here’s one that shows the detail of the glasses a little better. Gorgeous, right!?

It’s nice to have him back home again, and so sweet that he brings gifts back when he travels! He also brought like 10 Emmi yogurts (our favorite from our Swiss snowboarding adventures!) and some delicious Swiss chocolate. YUM.

On the menu for this weekend:

– Taking down wallpaper in the living room and kitchen (FUN!)
– Birthday party for a friend
– Sunday Tatort as usual

And possibly a little shoe shopping…? I saw some glitter pumps (1, 2) at Goertz and I might just have to see if I am able to walk in them, because they’d be pretty awesome wedding shoes. I don’t have high hopes though, because I’m very picky about comfort when it comes to shoes. But the glitter is just too fun! I have to at least try it!

Happy weekend, everyone!


We are golden

30 11 2011

Or at least I’m golden. I just couldn’t resist making a reference to MIKA, as usual. To be more accurate, I am still covered in gold glitter from last night’s craft project.

I originally planned to do the actual glue then glitter technique for my cardboard letters I cut out, although that tends to be extremely messy.  As luck would have it, I found some awesome glitter wrapping paper while I was searching for extra glitter, and I decided it looked even better and would probably slightly less messy.

So last night I watched three or four episodes of Psych and glued the wrapping paper to my letters, and I love the way it turned out!

My inspiration for this project came from these two pins: I loved this phrase and this glittery goodness, so I just combined the two ideas and did gold instead of silver, at Tobi’s request.  It looks extra good on our blackboard!

And here’s a better look at our Adventskranz (Advent wreath)!  Isn’t it pretty?  This is a very German tradition.


Christmas Tree 2011

29 11 2011

On Sunday after church, we went back home, had some Thanksgiving leftovers and then pulled out everything we needed to decorate the tree. I popped in a new Christmas CD and we finally started decorating! The first of my favorite Christmas traditions. And I must say our tree looks even better than last year’s! We have a few more ornaments this time around.

It was fun making the cranberry and popcorn garland together again. I think it may become a yearly thing! Here are some of my favorite little detail shots:

Last year after Christmas I bought the big red and green Christmas bulbs for like 70% off and I’m so glad to use them this year! I think they really pull the look together, and the shiny ones reflect the Christmas lights too. Love it!

They also make me look really weird in the reflection! LOL! Just look at how long my nose is!

I made this based on something cute I saw on Pinterest. (Originally by Everyday Chaos here, except my baby Jesus is facing the other way!)

Can’t you just smell the cinnamon and pine scent? HEAVENLY.

This one is a family joke. We were obsessed with the Nanerpuss commercial from Denny’s a while ago, and my aunt found this awesome ornament for everyone!

A little owl is peeking out from behind the branches! And that silver deer is so sparkly and awesome! There’s another one lower down on the other side of the tree.

Here’s one of my little pinecone elves sitting up near the top of the tree!

The oranges we baked are still good from last year. And I bought myself and Tobi some of these cheesy little snow globe name ornaments.

The mini toilet paper roll lanterns I made a while back look even nicer slipped over top of the Christmas lights. (Hopefully they won’t catch on fire…)

For dinner on Sunday evening, we lit up the candles and it was extra merry and bright!


Buying the Christmas tree

28 11 2011

We got tons of weird looks from people, buying and bringing home a Christmas tree so “early”, but we found the perfect tree to take home with us on Saturday morning. We had to drive to a few different places but ended up at a big Max Bahr (which is like Home Depot) and they had a huge selection of trees. So we did some looking around, narrowed it down to two trees, and then made our final choice.

xmas treeOur final two choices. We took the one on the left!

Once we’d picked our tree, we wrapped it up and headed back home.

Tobi carried it over his shoulder while riding his bike again, just like last year, but since we had to ride out further to get to this big Max Bahr, we took the S-Bahn home.

It’s fun being such an anomaly here. Everyone’s always so surprised. It just shows there are certain things that really are simply a matter of habit and tradition. I can’t imagine not having my tree during the whole Christmas season just as much as my German friends and students can’t imagine having it up so early. After a certain point, though, it does get annoying because you hear the same comment every time – will it live until Christmas? Of course it will. Plenty of other Americans have been doing this for ages, and I’ve never heard of someone’s tree dying before Christmas. (Although technically it’s already dead, isn’t it?)

However, for those who have seen our tree so far, we’ve gotten tons of compliments on how beautiful it is. And it is! It looks great and I am so happy it’s Christmastime again! And you know what? I think some people are secretly jealous.

Pictures of our decorated tree coming up next!

When do you usually put up your tree? My family always did it the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I’m sticking to that tradition. And do you have a fake one or do you prefer real trees? We always had a fake one, but I think I rather like having a real tree. Ours smells really good this year!


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