19 03 2009

I’ve been pretty bad about this public blogging thing, and part of me wonders if it’s worth it to keep this one up.

The only news I have is that spring starts tomorrow! I am so very excited for that.  The trees are budding already.  Cherry blossoms will be out soon.  Life in DC will be crazier than ever, I imagine, but I think we could all use some fresh air, spring cleaning & some new life.

In the absence of words that I can’t seem to find, here is a photo I took very early one morning before work.  Usually I take the metro into town, but on Sunday mornings the metro doesn’t open until exactly the time I need to be at work.  So I drive in once a month or so.  I took this picture from inside my own car, and it was raining.

Early a.m. Circulator bus to Georgetown

Early a.m. Circulator bus to Georgetown

Funny.  The words are coming a lot easier now.
Now that I’m losing steam, and losing the desire to keep up the blog.
I think before I felt too much pressure to have awesome posts, so I didn’t write at all.  In the end, that’s worse because it leaves pictures of snow when it has long since melted and feels like spring.  (For example!)


Chances are…

10 11 2008

I spent far too much time yesterday making this site – but it’s just so fun!  I’m impressed with wordpress as a blog engine.  For now, I’m focusing on setting things up the way I want them.  Soon I will write more about life & other things.  Soon!  However, I’d like to begin by saying,

“Welcome, visitors!”

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know me in person and got the link from facebook or perhaps livejournal.  I’m glad you stopped by!

Be sure to check out my “About Me” page to find out more about what I’m currently doing in life.  Also, take a peek at “Operation Paris” to see what my plan is for the next few years.  Perhaps you’re one of the people with whom I’ve talked in person about these things; if so, you can just go admire the page layout that I worked so hard to set up!  🙂

I suppose there is at least a small chance that you don’t know me in person and have stumbled upon this blog one way or another.  If so, welcome!  See the above links to find out more about me.  I hope you’ll stick around, because things are sure to be interesting around here!

So, a note to all of you visitors – say hello! Leave me a comment so I know you’ve been here.  Thanks for dropping by, & I hope to see you all again soon!

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