16 11 2011

Can I just say how cute it is that my little niece Abigail seems to be a little superwoman in the making?I’ve seen her strike this pose twice now!

Here was the first time – she didn’t look too happy about something, but isn’t that bow headband just ADORABLE?

This little girl was in the hospital last week for a few days, poor thing, and they did several tests on her. That sure was a stressful time for everyone, especially for my brother and sister-in-law. Turns out she’s allergic to lactose and soy, so she’s on a special formula for now and will be able to breastfeed again once Jaimie’s eliminated the allergens from her own diet for two weeks. Still waiting on the results for some testing, but hoping everything is okay and that it’s just the allergies. I’m really glad she’s back home again and seems to be doing better now!

If I feel this way just being an aunt…gosh. I think being a mother one day (hopefully!) will be much harder on the heartstrings! And I hear it never goes away…immense joy and worry at the same time, and that it doesn’t change when your kids have grown old and had their own children. Yikes. But I also hear it’s all worth it. 🙂 And looking at this little baby face, I sure do believe it.


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