Practice bouquet

25 07 2012

LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY! YIPPEE!! Family will be here tomorrow!

One last post before they get here, and then posting may be a bit sporadic during the next few weeks. I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer when my fam is here, as I’m sure you can understand. Plus, we’ll be doing all that last-minute wedding stuff such as baking cupcakes and buying flowers, so there won’t be much time to post anyway!

Speaking of flowers, I didn’t get a chance to post about it, but last week I made a practice bouquet for the wedding. I am making my own bouquet so I figured I should try it out before-hand to have a better idea of what I’m doing. (The more you know, the less stress you have on the day of trying to figure out how to do something new for the first time!)

So I watched this video for some tips, got some flowers, and tried it out! And here’s the finished product!

The verdict?

Colors: Great! I love having a mix of colors so as not to look too much like a color scheme, especially since we don’t have “wedding colors” anyway! I know a lot of brides choose white, which is pretty because it’s classic, but I really want my flowers to POP!

Texture: Great to have a good mix. I love the summery feel of the bouquet and would love to add a bit more wildflowers to the mix next time. Plus, I’ll be adding a succulent in my wedding day bouquet. I also love how the flowers are mixed in together so that it’s not too uniform, but more casual. Adds to that summery feel.

Size: Not quite big enough for my big dress. So I’ll need double the amount of flowers for the big day. However, this size for the courthouse wedding will be perfect!

Wrap: Twine was the look I was going for, as it also corresponds to our wedding décor quite nicely. (The only thing is…the twine smells a bit strange! A bit earthy! But not a deal-breaker.) On my wedding day, I’ve got 2 pins from my grandmothers to add to it.

Those orange flowers are called safflowers. Pretty fun, right? I’m not sure what the green sputnik-lamp-looking flower/plant is called, but that also had a really great texture. It was really fun to make!


Beading a headband

11 06 2012

Remember how I made that elaborate beaded belt that didn’t work out? Well this weekend I took on a smaller beading project, inspired by some beautiful beaded headbands I saw recently at Zara and at Bijou Brigitte, and I had a lot more success.

I also watched about 7 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes while I worked on this project. And you’d better believe I sang along with the theme song every single time.

Next time I’ll make a thinner one with less elastic band showing. But this one is pretty and I’m very happy with it! No pictures of it on my head yet, because I had the craziest topknot yesterday that was perfect for lying on the couch and falling asleep during the Germany vs. Portugal soccer game for the European Championship, but definitely not for going out in public.

I’m still deciding on my accessories for both the church and courthouse weddings, but this one is just so pretty that if I can figure out a hairstyle to go with it, it may just make the cut!

Baby yawn!

17 09 2011

Look at my unborn niece yawning!


Isn’t that just so amazing?  I can’t WAIT to meet her!

Weekend plans

Tobi has a shoot today here in the apartment – a cool project he’s working on.

I am going to steal some time for myself by running some errands.  I have to go to IKEA again this weekend to exchange one of our rolling window shades that broke when we put it up.  And to feed my addiction, I might just have to get another succulent.  Because I have a pretty olive can to put it in.

I’m also stopping by the hardware store to get supplies to make a jewelry holder.

I was inspired by this project, found via pinterest:

Does anyone have any crafty weekend plans or shopping to do?  I’d be content to lie down on the couch all weekend (it was a long week), but I guess it’s good that I’ve got an excuse to go out and get stuff done.

Happy weekend, everyone!



A sushi pun

26 08 2011

We ordered takeout the other week and I got the idea to make a card for my mom using the pictures of the sushi on the menu.

It’s the first time I’ve done an art project in quite a while!  I forgot how much I like gluing things down on paper.

Don’t get the pun?  My mom’s name is Sue.  🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!


Where has the time gone?

17 09 2010

My goodness!  5 days have passed since I last posted.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

This past week has been a whirlwind, though.  I’ve been so busy that I have barely felt the time pass.  I had two interviews in the past two weeks, and both went very well.  That means that once I get my visa (11 days left until my appointment!), I will officially be working for three different language schools here in Hamburg.  How exciting!  I really feel very lucky that things seem to be working out so well for me job-wise.  Additionally, there will be another interview/meeting next week with the director of a vocational school that’s in my neighborhood.  Maybe something will work out there, too.  In the meantime, I am studying up on grammar, business English, and other teaching skills.  It’s almost like I’m in school again to learn how to teach!  What a funny feeling…but I’m such a language nerd, and I love it.

4 Simple Goals Progress

The past few weeks have definitely been productive in regard to my goals to speak more German, explore Hamburg, do something active, and learn new recipes.  I’ve been to a few new places, and even a few new places on my own, which is great because every time I do, I feel more at home here in Hamburg.  Still no exercise class or anything, but a friend invited me to go salsa dancing last Sunday.  Unfortunately, I was so wiped out from the night before (staying out with her and some of her friends until almost 2 a.m.), that I decided  to stay in last Sunday evening.  But this event takes place every week, and I will definitely go there and try it out.  And maybe that could become my activity.  It seems like it might be a great opportunity to make friends, too.  Otherwise, I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately, and that’s at least some good physical activity!

It’s been a great week for recipes.  We made fajita wraps for lunch one day.  I made heart-shaped hamburgers.  I guess it’s kind of hard to call hamburgers a “recipe”, because it’s so darn easy…but this was the first time I’ve ever been in charge of the whole process.

My personal chef (a.k.a. boyfriend) made a few masterpieces last week, too.  We had butternut squash soup twice, in two very different ways.  The one pictured below is with oranges.  The other one had apples in it (not pictured) and was a much greener color – I think he put pumpkin seed oil in it.

And then he made this beautiful (and tasty!) apple tart.  He knows how to make dough for pie crust from scratch, with no recipe at all.  (I find that so incredibly amazing!)  Isn’t it gorgeous?


4 simple goals: this week’s progress report

28 08 2010

1.  Speak more German with my boyfriend.

Well, we’ve done okay with that this week.  Although my lovely boyfriend tried saying at breakfast one morning, “Now let’s speak only German at breakfast,” and I protested and complained that I hadn’t even had my coffee yet.  So that was the end of that idea — for now.  At some point I’m sure my German will become automatic enough that I can speak it in the morning before I’ve had any caffeine.

2.  Really explore Hamburg.

This was a real success this week!  We had our adventure in Wedel, our trip to the Gängeviertel, and I even went out on my own one day and walked around the Jungfernstieg/Hauptbahnhof area in the center of town.

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4 simple goals: this week’s progress report

21 08 2010

1.  Speak more German with my boyfriend.

I’m actually really proud of my progress this week with my first goal.  I certainly don’t speak German most of the time, but I have made an effort (with Tobi’s help) to speak more German.  We even had a mini “German lesson” while we waited outside in the sun for our number to be called at the immigration office.

2.  Really explore Hamburg.

On Sunday I walked down alone to the beach at the Elbe.  It’s somewhere I’ve been before, so I don’t really count it as exploring, but I did get manage to get out of the house to do something on my own while Tobias was working.

Another day this week I took a long walk around my neighborhood and saw some things I hadn’t seen before.  Baby steps.

3.  Do something active.

No real progress here.  I haven’t signed up for a class or anything yet.  My mom passed me along some cool information about this thing called Zumba that also has classes in Hamburg.  I may try to look into that at some point.

However, Tobias and I literally ran to the supermarket late one night this week.  It was 10 minutes before closing time and we had nothing to cook for dinner.  So we ran, hand in hand, to the Penny Markt around the corner.  And I did it in my high heeled boots.  I think I should get extra points for that.

4.  Learn new recipes.

I made quesadillas for the first time on Thursday.  I was too distracted by trying not to burn the tortillas to take a picture.  For the ingredients, I used:

  • Gouda cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Chili beans in hot sauce
  • Chicken
  • Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes

It worked out very well!  Both Tobias and I liked it quite a lot.


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