About Me


Born in 1986 in Washington, DC and I currently live in Hamburg, Germany.  I have a degree in French, but I’m not really using it.  I am a freelance English trainer.

I love:

Languages & linguistics. Coffee. Friends – old and new. Reading. Travel. Chocolate. Shiny things. MIKA. Corny jokes. Teaching. Art and collages. Taking pictures. Blogging. My awesome boyfriend.

Life Goals:

1.  One day, I’d like to be married and have kids of my own.  Start my own family.  And my kids should be at least bilingual.

2.  Travel as much as possible.  See the world.  Experience all that the earth has to offer.

3.  Become fluent in as many languages as possible.

4.  Enjoy every minute, because life is short.


17 responses

10 11 2008

Well sarah this is mohammedisa from india nice to c ur blog i liked ur attitudes to this life,well one should be brave have guts to fight this world and one shoild be a warrior whonever likes to be a loser well i like the peoples wholike truth and are straaight forward to comment.hope u like my comment b bye c u my blog is chikodiglobal.

10 11 2008

He, je viens de te trouver ici! Je devrais faire in site, moi.

Je ne me suis pas souvenu que a visite Liege! C’est ou j’ai commence a apprendre le francais pour la premiere fois!

pour “places to visit” peut-etre qu’Aix-en-Provence?

Cafe cette semaine, ou la semaine prochaine?

dein, Karl

10 11 2008

Welcome, Mohammedisa – all the way from India!

Karl – oui, j’y suis allée une fois mais juste pendant quelques heures pour un marché de Noël. Ah oui, j’ajouterai Aix à mon liste ! Maintenant que j’ai commencé mon travail à GBCS, je n’ai pas autant de temps libre. Mais, si tu es libre ce jeudi vers 14h30, je serai chez Panera à Bowie jusqu’à 16h. (J’y vais toujours entre mon cours de français et mon cours particulier.)

9 12 2008

Bonjour Sarah…

De commentaires en billets, de billets en blogs, me voilà sur le vôtre. Etant moi-même linguiste de formation, je ne peux qu’applaudir votre choix du français comme langue de prédilection.

But, hey, you surely didn’t pick the easiest one. Good luck with all the subltelties of Molière’s language ! 😉

Have a great day !

9 12 2008

Merci beaucoup, pluc! Vous avez raison, ce n’est pas tout à fait facile comme langue, mais c’est l’une des plus belles.

Je suis curieuse…. Parlez-vous d’autres langues que le français et l’anglais ?

11 12 2008

Oui … j’ai fait des études de traducteur-interprète, et mes langues de travail étaient l’anglais et l’italien. Comme j’ai une profession qui requiert beaucoup de contacts commerciaux en Belgique (pays trilingue) j’ai dû, par la force des choses, me mettre au néérlandais. Et puis, il ya une dizaine d’années, j’avais une copine espagnole, j’ai donc appris quelques rudiments de la langue de Cervantes … 😉

21 09 2009
Sue Gilmour

Hi, Sarah – your story about the luggage and the person spitting made me laugh! I’m glad you weren’t injured, in either case. Thanks for the photo you sent today, too. You didn’t include Guatemala on your list of places visited, or the Bahamas! I am going to enjoy your blog a la (sorry, don’t know how to do the accents on my computer) Julie and Julia! Hugs!

22 09 2009

Hey Mom! Thanks for checking out my blog! Hugs back!

1 10 2009

Ooh. Sarah ! You’ll need to update your bio and your “operation France” sections of your blog now that you are IN Paris and working in France now!! Yay!!! xoxoxo. This as inspired me to do an “About me” section for my blog like this.

20 12 2009
Amanda and Brian Sackett

Sarah!!! We can come visit!!! Let us know if you will be able to see us the first two weeks in April!!!

21 12 2009

Yay! That’s so exciting! I will reply in more detail soon by email. 🙂

28 12 2009
Amanda and Brian Sackett

Awesome! We want to make sure everything is set before we buy tickets!! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!

4 02 2010

hey Sarah! I just read a few of your blogs really quick – the McDo automated ordering system, and the French cursing! (And you have to teach British English BLERG!) I’m glad to be keeping in contact with you, even if it is through the interwebs! vermisse dich 🙂

9 02 2011
Elizabeth Witcher

HI Sarah Warah!

WOW, YOU HAVE GROWN TO BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY! You always said you would live somewhere out of the US, and I see you have accomplished just that. Congrats! I know you must be happy! I’m back at Hood and loving it…all that’s missing is my favorite two girls! I have now subscribed to your blog and will stay tuned to all of your experiences/travels. I love it! Keep it up! Please email me at witcher@hood.edu so we can catch up!
I miss you Sarah Warah!

Your friend,
Lizzi (Hood College Financial Aid)

11 02 2011

Liz!! Woah, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that you’ve found my blog! Thanks so much to you (and Carol too) for subscribing! I will email you soon!

19 06 2011

hi sarah ein schöner blog, immer wieder eine freude von dir und somit ja auch von euch was zu erfahren waas geeht.
ein schönes wochenende macht was schönes und lasst es euch gutgehen.
liebe grüsse aus zürich

27 09 2011

We have lots of things in Common. lets be friends!!

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