Mr. & Mrs. Stäbler!

6 08 2012

We had the most wonderful time at our wedding! Both the courthouse and church weddings were so much fun and really special! Definitely the best day of my life yet! I’m so very happy!

A lot of you have already seen them on facebook, but here is a preview from our wonderful photographer, Annette Schrader. (Love the pictures!)

August 2 – courthouse wedding

August 4 – church wedding

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos! It was SUCH a fun evening and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had so many friends and family to celebrate with me and my new husband!

Tomorrow, we’re headed off to Berlin with the family for a day trip. We’re getting up early since our train leaves at 6:14 – so it’s bedtime for now!




6 responses

6 08 2012
CN Heidelberg

Beautiful photos! Congratulations!! 🙂

12 08 2012

Dankeschön! 🙂

9 08 2012

Wow Sarah! Laura told me you were getting married. I’m so excited for you! Beautiful pictures 😀 Best of luck dear!

12 08 2012

Thanks, Randhal! Hope everything’s great with you!

10 08 2012
Melanie Alexander

LOVE the picture in the tree ! Awesome ! And you both look fantastic in all the other pictures ! Big hug :-))))

12 08 2012

Thanks Melanie! It was really great to see you at the wedding! ❤

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