T-1 month

2 07 2012

Exactly one month from today, Tobias and I will be legally married. Our courthouse ceremony is at 11:20 a.m. at the Altona Rathaus. (It’s our local courthouse -isn’t it just gorgeous? We’re lucky to have such a photogenic building!)

If the weather’s nice, we’ll have a casual lunch party afterward in the backyard of our apartment building. If not, we’ll just move everyone inside!

I’m very much looking forward to it all. But man oh man, there is still so much to do! Tobi’s aunt has volunteered to make a bonafide Schwäbische Maultaschensuppe and some pies. And some friends of ours may bring a few things to contribute too. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for recipes and have had quite a lot of luck – there are a lot of summery recipes (this, for example!) out there that look perfect for a party! Our mint crop on our balcony is growing quite nicely, so I may also have to incorporate that into the menu somewhere.

Three more weeks (and 17 work days) until my family comes…33 days until the church wedding…4 weekends to get everything done! These numbers just keep getting smaller and smaller!




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