Kassel & dOCUMENTA

25 06 2012

This past weekend started off a little badly thanks to a mild bout of food poisoning. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say…that wasn’t very fun. But on Friday afternoon we had train tickets to go to Kassel for our friend’s birthday party, and by the afternoon we were feeling a bit better, apart from a killer headache I had on top of all that. By that evening though, we were feeling back to normal again.

Selina, our German friend from Paris, had her 30th birthday party at her parents’ house in Kassel and we were lucky that it fell during the same time as dOCUMENTA, one of the most important modern art festivals in the world. (Apparently even Brad Pitt was there this time around!)

It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed seeing all of the very strange, very interesting modern art. Here are a few snapshots from some of the exhibits we saw:

a frame (not from this year’s festival, but from another year – the city sometimes buys the art from the artist to keep around even after dOCUMENTA)

a rock in a bronze tree

Tobias and Selina (right) in front of the Orangerie museum

a pile of trash covered by grass and plants

with Chinese writing on top – can you spot the characters?

boats filled with several different types of Swiss chard

a macaroni tube you could walk through

our group coming out of the tube

a structure modeled after different types of gallows used in the USA throughout history

a very muddy exhibit…I didn’t get a picture, but there were a few dogs roaming around this one and the one dog had one leg that had been painted pink

in a dog park with different things the dogs could interact with

a roomful of sewing machine sculptures created solely out of wood

and the best-ever mannequins I’ve ever seen

another close-up of one of the “machines”

and some more suits

a pile of metal…umm…yeah.

Tobias stepping over the line…

and another piece from a previous dOCUMENTA – der Himmelstürmer

We saw a whole lot more than that, but I didn’t take pictures the whole time. Just the things I found the most interesting! I enjoyed being a tourist in another town, and I have a lot more pictures from the trip to share this week!




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