Something a little different

19 06 2012

Tobias and I had this for lunch the other day. It’s pretty different from the stuff we normally tend to cook – this had a stir-fry feel to it.

Here’s how to make it:

Caramelize onion slices, chop up the chicken into small chunks and cook it in the pan with seasoning as desired. Tobias added our normal Endorphin Rush hot sauce to it for a bit of spice. (But be careful when breathing around it, because it tickles the nostrils a bit when that hot sauce gets into steam form!) Set aside.

Sautée sugar snap peas and (the fun secret ingredient!) watermelon chunks together. Add in some chopped cilantro. When finished, mix back in the chicken.

Serve with rice (which has a nice al dente texture if you use a little bit less water than normally needed and if you don’t over-cook it!) and top with some cilantro and soy sauce.

We had it for lunch with some non-alcoholic beer, although I’m sure a regular beer would taste good with it too. And I must admit I doubted Tobi’s decision to put watermelon into the mix, but it was just the right touch. Totally delicious.

Guten Appetit!




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