Tarte aux poires et citron

13 06 2012

Tobias made this awesome pear and lemon tarte the other Sunday and now you can too! Here’s the recipe:

First, make the dough. Tobias took a basic recipe (which he knows by heart) and added unsweetened cocoa powder to the mix to make a chocolate-flavored dough.

Second, prepare the pears! Peel and cut into slices. Ours were not very ripe and juicy for eating, but that doesn’t matter when you’re making a pie like this. In fact, it was better that the pears weren’t too juicy because it wasn’t too runny when cooked, and the pears softened up nicely in the oven.

Roll out the dough into a pie pan, leaving a pretty big rim on the edges to wrap back up around the pears later.

Here’s where the art of it comes in: arrange the pear slices into a circular pattern, making sure as much fruit is packed in there as possible! The special thing about this pie is the outside layer of vertical pears. The tips got a bit too brown in the oven, but the unusual shape of it really impressed our guests!

Wrap the dough around the vertical pears to create a crust. Bake around 15-20 minutes at about 200°C or until the pears are slightly browned. (Baking time and temperature extremely estimated, because Tobias pretty much never cooks with a recipe.)

Take out of the oven and let cool a bit before serving. Lastly, add some lemon zest and you’re good to go! Enjoy!


Here’s some of our group, pre-dessert:

We had it two Sundays ago at our usual Tatort dinner, that time hosted at our house. Tobias and I also cooked up a nice quiche for dinner. It wasn’t the whole group, as there were only 5 of us instead of our normal 10-11. Here are Diane, Tobias & Peter listening to Frank tell a story. It’s worth pointing out this awesome bottle of wine Peter brought with him to share. It was HUGE! 1.5 liters of delicious Italian wine.




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