Beading a headband

11 06 2012

Remember how I made that elaborate beaded belt that didn’t work out? Well this weekend I took on a smaller beading project, inspired by some beautiful beaded headbands I saw recently at Zara and at Bijou Brigitte, and I had a lot more success.

I also watched about 7 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes while I worked on this project. And you’d better believe I sang along with the theme song every single time.

Next time I’ll make a thinner one with less elastic band showing. But this one is pretty and I’m very happy with it! No pictures of it on my head yet, because I had the craziest topknot yesterday that was perfect for lying on the couch and falling asleep during the Germany vs. Portugal soccer game for the European Championship, but definitely not for going out in public.

I’m still deciding on my accessories for both the church and courthouse weddings, but this one is just so pretty that if I can figure out a hairstyle to go with it, it may just make the cut!




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