Hochzeit survival kit

8 06 2012

So, my friends threw me a wonderful bachelorette party last weekend. They took me to Brasserie La Provence – a fancy little French restaurant in our neighborhood.

Ariane and Diane planned it early because Diane is going back to France soon (though she’s coming back for our wedding weekend!). I thought I would just be going out to dinner with them, but was pleasantly surprised when our other two friends Tanja and Susanne were there too! The five of us started off with an apéritif on the house, and then we enjoyed a delicious three-course meal complete with crème brûlée for dessert! The food was amazing. And the girl talk was so much fun. *wink wink!*

AND…they know me so well…they didn’t embarrass me with the typical German bachelorette party of going out dressed up in a strange costume and having to sell things like condoms or handcuffs to random strangers on the street. Whew! Thank goodness!

And they gave me this awesome present…a wedding survival kit! Ariane embellished the map she drew for our wedding invitation with all of the things that could possibly go wrong on our way to the wedding, and then there was a gift to go along with each thing. What an awesome idea! (I also LOVE the mix of English and German – that’s pretty much the way I talk nowadays too!)

More pictures after the jump!


In case of shoe breakage…

A pack of bubble gum will fix it right up! Just chew and stick! (And also good in case of bad breath!)

In case it’s a bit chilly…

A pair of pantyhose to warm up my legs!

In case my wedding dress rips because it got stuck on a cactus (love that detail!)…

A needle and thread to sew it back up!

In case I forget my prince… 

(mist! in German means something similar to Scheiße!)

I now have a back-up prince…just in case! With very easy instructions:

In case we forget the rings…

We’ve got a spare pair!

In case of blisters from too much walking  and/or dancing…

Blister band-aids!

And last but not least, in case my new husband falls into the Elbe and needs rescuing…

An awesome neon inner tube to throw out to him and save his life!

SO clever and so totally sweet!

So that was my (early) bachelorette party! Thank you so much, ladies, for treating me to dinner and for making it such a special night! 




2 responses

8 06 2012

Love it!!

8 06 2012
Susan Gilmour

Such clever ideas – and what a wonderful gift! I was delighted by their creativity and thoughtfulness! 😀

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