5 years ago today

29 04 2012

5 years ago, it was a Sunday morning in Paris, and I had gone, as usual, to the German church on Rue Blanche. It was there that a thin, reddish-blonde-haired guy sat near me and was outgoing enough to strike up a conversation after the service. He was really nice, funny and sweet, and we exchanged phone numbers afterward before he ran off to the banlieue (suburbs) for a photo shoot. I spent the entire rest of the day thinking about him, and was excited when we talked later and set up a date for the following Tuesday, where we ended up talking for hours, until 3 a.m. the next morning.

Thank you, Tobias, for making that first step and saying hi to me all those years ago. I had no idea then, in 2007, that you’d end up being my perfect match, the love of my life, and that we’d choose to spend our lives together in 2012. I am so grateful to know you and am so very excited to to be your wife soon.

I love you so much!




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