Unexpected, to say the least

13 04 2012

On Wednesday as I was coming back in to the train station, I saw the craziest thing I’ve ever seen here in Germany.

There was a big fight going on right in the middle of the train station, making it pretty hard to take my normal route from the platform into the station. A big macho guy was up against a punk-rock guy with furry black boots and a bloody nose, so obviously the fight had started before we all got off the train. They were circling, hurling threats at each other. I couldn’t help but watch, and upon further observation I noticed that the punk-rock guy HAD A GUN IN HIS HAND that looked pretty darn real. He was holding it by his side, menacing, perhaps ready to use it just in case. I don’t know what they said to each other, but at some point the fight escalated and they ran toward each other and started beating each other up.

Luckily, a police officer ran in and broke up the fight, grabbing the macho guy by the arms. The punk-rocker dropped the gun, which skidded across the floor, and DISAPPEARED. He was outta there so fast, I have no idea which direction he went. A group of bystanders started explaining to the policeman what they had seen, and one man had put his foot onto the gun so nobody could pick it up.

Civilians just don’t have guns here in Germany, so it was pretty unexpected.

I saw this graffiti recently near our place and thought that it was appropriate for this post. Thank goodness there weren’t any bangs from the real gun I saw!




One response

13 04 2012
Susan Gilmour

Next time there’s a gun you probably shouldn’t linger around to watch…

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