Easter Road Trip – Part 3

12 04 2012

On Easter Sunday, we had breakfast by the beach. Tobi backed the car up to the top of the hill, facing the waves, and we ate breakfast in the trunk with our sleeping bags. It. Was. So. COLD! so I made Tobi close the trunk. We sat there and ate our breakfast and watched the waves. The view through the window of the trunk made it feel like a drive-in movie!

After breakfast, we went to a beautiful church in Petersdorf and enjoyed the service there. We lit candles from the new Osterkerze (Easter candle) and it was a nice service. I enjoyed the change of pace, and we both especially enjoyed the coffee hour after the service. Tobias had probably about 5 pieces of cake!

After the service, we wandered around town for a bit and stumbled upon a market that sold all sorts of things, including artisan crafts, organic olive oil, wind chimes and the likes. Then we drove to another beach at a campsite and went for a long walk, looking for amber along the way. (We didn’t find any, but joked that the amber-colored rocks we found were “famber” – fake amber.)

We had a bit of a snack break, rested in the sun a bit (and got a teensy bit sunburned on our faces!) and built Steinmännchen – Tobi’s was pretty awesome!

We drove back “home” to the place we had camped out the night before in our car, out in Westermarkelsdorf, and we had a picnic lunch and watched people who were out on the beach enjoying the sunny weather. There were quite a few amateur fishermen out there and it was especially fun watching them. We scoped out a spot on the beach for our tent, and then we passed the time until it got dark by jumping from boulder to boulder (me) and throwing rocks into the sea (Tobi, then me later). It was fun and a great way to warm up!

Dinner that evening was ramen noodles on the beach. I was freezing, and the noodles were awesome but didn’t do much to warm me up. Tobi was a brave soul and set up the tent himself so I could sit in the car with the heat on and warm up a bit. That evening we slept very well and very warm in our tent, although it was so windy that when we woke up and got out of the tent, we had to be careful that it wouldn’t blow away! We packed up just in time for the rain to start – lucky! – and we made one stop at another port in a town called Burg. We drove to the harbor and bought fish fresh off the boat! A kilo of herring and 2 kilos of cod, which were still living up until the point that we bought them. The freshest fish I’ve ever had, that’s for sure! (We invited the neighbors over for dinner on Monday night and had our first batch of fish. Delicious!)

Rain on the windshield & the benches where we’d had dinner the night before

Another great thing about the site where we stayed two nights – a porta-potty!

The dock where we bought our fish – so many seagulls!

Should say Frohe Ostern…but all of the cakes are spelled the same! The question is: regional dialect or cake wrecks?
I googled the term and couldn’t find a thing…I’m stumped!

We went to a bakery and got some coffee and pastries for the road and then drove back to Hamburg in a shorter time than we expected. Fehmarn really isn’t that far away! We drove home first, dropped off our stuff, checked emails, and then went back to the airport to give back our rental car. And I should mention the phenomenal parallel parking job Tobias did in front of our house when we were unloading!

It was a great trip and I’m so glad to have had that long weekend to relax and explore with my honey!




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12 04 2012
CN Heidelberg

They do say Frohe Ostern – the writing is just a little warped. 🙂 The stem of the R is a bit too open.

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