Wedding Dress Shopping

2 04 2012

When I first started wedding dress shopping, it looked a lot like this photo. There were too many dresses out there and so many different styles, and I just couldn’t find “THE ONE”. I had tried on several dresses in several different shops, but none of them were it. I was starting to get frustrated!

But that all changed on Saturday, because I finally found my dress!!!! Yippee!!

I went to an outlet store in the neighboring town of Lüneburg and met up with my friend Jessica who lives just around the corner from the shop. I tried on five or six dresses, and the choices were getting narrower, as they only have the dresses that are on the racks there–no orders possible–since it’s an outlet store that sells dresses from previous seasons. This shop, called bleib treu (“stay true!”), is really great and was definitely worth the 30-minute trip out there to Lüneburg to check it out. They advertise on their website that the most expensive dress there is 349€, which is not entirely true because they did have some dresses that were a bit more (though all under 500€, I found) that were from this year’s collection. But still, their prices are very good and much cheaper than all of the other dresses I tried on at other places.

So as I said, I was trying on all the dresses that I thought might work. The dress I had imagined would be a flowy, light, summery dress made of chiffon or some other similar fabric. But that style didn’t actually look good on me, so I branched out and tried other dresses. At Jessica’s urging, I tried on a dress that I never would have tried, just seeing it on the hanger, but it turned out that it was the right dress for me! Jessica loved it the second I put it on. I, on the other hand, was not so sure, but I admitted that I was surprised that I actually liked it. After some waffling, I tried on the first dress that was the favorite up until then and as soon as I had that dress on, I knew it was the other dress.

Funny how that happens, right? I’ve heard countless brides say that the dress they picked out was not what they would have ever dreamed of choosing, but that they just knew it when they had it on that it was the one. I’m so glad I found my dress and it’s funny that I am just like all those other brides.

I won’t be posting pictures of it on the blog here until after the big day, though! But to tease you a bit, let’s just say that it’s got a corset top and a LOT more tulle on the bottom than I ever would have imagined wearing! Tulle! I can’t believe how girly that sounds!

The important thing is that I felt gorgeous in it and for the first time, I pictured myself standing up there in the church, saying “I do” to the man of my dreams. Now THAT’S the feeling everyone was talking about!

I’m so excited!!!




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