Dishes from Tante Hannah

28 03 2012

Tobi’s Aunt Hannah is a really cool person. She’s creative, well-traveled, and really a joy to talk to. She’s also pretty much guaranteed to do some sort of game or skit at our wedding, like she did at Tobi’s brother’s wedding two years ago:

Hannah doing the skit (in such a thick Schwäbisch accent that I couldn’t understand it)
as her husband Erwin looks on

She and her husband got married a bit later in life, when they both already had houses in two different towns. So they spent most of their married life going back and forth between their two houses, and “pendeln”, as the Germans call it, was pretty much second nature for them. But now that Erwin’s memory has started to go, and age has started to take its toll, Hannah is packing up her things and moving to Erwin’s house in Nufringen.

And being such a generous person, she has offered us some of her old dishes and household items. It’s quite an honor to have these beautiful things and carry on that part of the family heritage. She gave us a tablecloth that she embroidered herself. And Tobi’s grandparents’ old bread box, and a set of green cups and saucers from Tobi’s great-grandmother from the 1800s. Woah!

A beautiful handmade glass pitcher – which is nice, because we didn’t have one!

She also gave us three gold-rimmed serving plates. So pretty!

Real silverware for special occasions – we love the design of them!

Pretty crystal dessert bowls and a spoon from Israel

And these awesome vintage teacups!

Such beautiful things. Thank you, Tante Hannah!




2 responses

28 03 2012
Susan Gilmour

Gorgeous things! I love family items and carrying on traditions. A word to the wise: Don’t put your gold-rimmed dishes in the microwave! Dad did that at Gram’s and it caused sparking from the metal! LOL! Tante Hannah sounds like a wonderful woman – I look forward to meeting her this summer (even though we won’t be able to communicate well…)

28 03 2012

That is freaking awesome! Those coffee cups are LOVE. I want them!!!

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