Hamburgs Kleinstes Kaufhaus

9 03 2012

After work today I went to a few thrift stores to browse around. I did the same thing last Friday and hit up quite a few places around Hamburg. I haven’t found much yet, but I have found a few little treasures.

I’m currently on the hunt for old English-German dictionaries and books with cool names and/or covers to use as table decorations for the wedding. I thought it would be a cute way to represent us as a bicultural couple, and perhaps the dictionaries may even come in handy for our international guests! I also studied literature (French, mostly, but I love any good literature), so it’s something that’s an important part of me, too.

So far I’ve found 8 books and 1 old map of Paris (which may end up being framed because it’s just so cool!). Four are dictionaries and the others just had titles that I thought were appropriate:

Die Verlobung
(The Engagement)
 by Hermann Hesse

In Amerika ist alles anders
(Everything is different in America) by Helmut Thielicke

Sie und Er
(She and Him, from the original French Elle et Lui)
by Jean Duché
Über allem die Liebe
(the original American title is Letters from Peking,
but the translation  of the German title would be “Above all, love”)
by Pearl S. Buck

I love the old look of these books. I really have a soft spot for old books! I found the Pearl S. Buck book and the Everything is different in America book at a place very close to my apartment called Hamburg’s Kleinstes Kaufhaus (“Hamburg’s Littlest Shop”). I had always been curious about it, but finally decided to stop by and take a look. And it’s actually a tiny little shop from the outside but is much bigger on the inside than I expected! And it was stock full from floor to ceiling with pretty much everything you could imagine!  I found this awesome vintage shirt for 1€ and a crocheted doily for 50¢:

I’ll definitely be going back there, especially since it’s so close to my house! They have some vintage clothespins for 30¢, which might be a nice look for another wedding decoration project (inspired by this). I got the doily because I want to try this out with one of our jars we’ve been saving for homemade jam and see how it looks:

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Anyway, we’re having dinner with friends this evening over at their place, and it’s our job to bring something for dessert! Tobias is working all day, so that means I am going to go now and peruse my desserts board on Pinterest and figure out what I’m going to make!

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!




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9 03 2012

Those candles are so pretty!!

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