Change of plans

5 03 2012

I spent pretty much all my free time for the last 2 weeks making this gorgeous beaded belt to bling up my dress for the courthouse wedding.

We found the dress at Zara last weekend and though I like its simplicity, I decided it also needed a little something to make it more weddingy. Besides, that orange belt didn’t really work with the dress either (we noticed some of the other dresses in the store had a bit of an orange stain on them from the belt!).

So, after gathering inspiration online and designing my own basic pattern, I started on it last Saturday. It was really fun to make — there is something so soothing about hand sewing — and I don’t think I’ve ever made anything as beautiful as this.

But the problem is…I finished it up on Saturday night and tried it on with my dress and…oops. It’s too heavy and pulls the dress down, making it bunch up strangely in the back. And the proportions of the beaded part to the ribbons were off — perhaps a thicker ribbon would have been better. Boo!

So I was quite frustrated that things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Especially with the way things went with my online dress shopping mishaps, and now this isn’t working either? Dang it!

Tobias tried to cheer me up and came up with other random suggestions on what we could use it for, but nothing felt like it was special enough for something that I had worked so hard on. I eventually tried wrapping it around a candle, and it actually looked pretty good. So Tobias and I thought hey, perhaps it could work for our unity candle!

That could work, couldn’t it? Obviously we’ll be using a new candle, and we may see about wrapping it in a different way (at the top? middle? bottom?) and perhaps wrapping the ribbon around the candle too, but for now that’s the best idea we’ve got as far as how to use my attempt at a beaded bridal belt.

So that’s the story of how I made my beaded wedding belt unity candle embellishment.

Now I’ve got to figure out something else for my dress…  I wanted something special, something unique, so just putting a ribbon there as a belt seems a little too boring for me. I’m a little afraid of trying to make something else, just to have it end up not working again. Although I do give myself credit — the belt turned out really well and I’m very pleased with it, even though it won’t be used for its intended purpose.

I sure hope this wedding stuff becomes easier at some point, and that something will actually work out soon!

On another happier note, though, today is my parents’ 30th anniversary! Congratulations Mom and Dad, and I’m so happy that you’re still happy together after all these years.




2 responses

5 03 2012

What about some silk flowers on the belt?

5 03 2012

Yea! The chiffon flowers you made a while ago would look gorgeous!!

Something like this:

I would think that would be lighter than the beading, so it wouldn’t pull down the dress. I would probably still go with a thicker ribbon. Plus, you could have fun with different colored chiffon fabrics to make a little pop.

The dress is adorable. Make sure you post pictures! 🙂

The belt is gorgeous too. I think that would work well with a unity candle. Pretty, pretty!

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