Cheesy love

1 02 2012

I’ve talked about Tobi’s gifts from his travels before (see here, and here). Well, last week he was in Paris for a meeting and he brought me back a very cheesy expression of love…Neufchâtel cheese in the shape of a heart!

I had seen a picture of that type of cheese shortly before that online and had showed him how sweet that was…and he remembered and brought me back some of my own!

I probably should have gotten a picture of it (and me, for that matter) but I was too eager to try the cheese to care that I look like a tired mess.

I am pleased to say that it is delicious, and I’ve been enjoying it with the last few dinners I’ve eaten…French cheese really is the best! And my fiancé is the best for reminding me of his love in the form of a heart-shaped piece of cheese.




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