The last days of January

31 01 2012

This weekend, I went to Tobi’s orchestra concert at the Laeiszhalle. It was gorgeous and they played pieces from Wagner, Prokofiev and Brahms. Hah…this picture makes it look as if it were an invisible orchestra, but of course I couldn’t take pictures during the performance! But this is currently the biggest concert hall in Hamburg, so it’s a nice venue!

They played beautifully and I really enjoyed the concert. The best part was that there was open seating, which meant that I could have sat in the first row if I had wanted to! I didn’t want a total crick in my neck though, so I sat in the 4th row instead, and I could see Tobias perfectly! Gosh, it was so much fun – and went by too quickly, as always!

After the performance, I heckled Tobias and his friend Christian, who was his music stand buddy, for a photo. So proud of my guy!

January 31

I’m happy today was a Tuesday and had extra free time to make the last day of January extra nice. I met up with Jessica for lunch and then headed back to my apartment and picked up these lovely donuts on the way, plus a piece of cheesecake for Tobi. (They were called Kinderberliner – Berliner is donut and Kinder is for kids!)

Pretty, aren’t they?

Tobias left this afternoon for his job in Paris tomorrow. He won’t be gone for long, though, and before we know it, we’ll be traveling to Austria this weekend to go snowboarding! Woo-hoo!

February will be a fun month…I am sure of it!




2 responses

1 02 2012
Julia Meadows

I always forget he’s a classical musician. Such a awesome man you have there Sarah! But then he has an awesome woman too. You two are my favorite couple ever!

4 02 2012

Aw, thanks so much, Julia! You’re a sweetheart.

Yeah, it’s nice sometimes to come home and he’s playing the cello or listening to classical music. I feel like he makes my life a little more cultured! 🙂

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