Sort of a snow day

27 01 2012


I’m pretending today is a snow day. We do have about an inch of snow (our first snow that has stuck this winter!), but now that I’m an adult, of course work isn’t canceled when there’s snow. Especially in Hamburg. They’re so much better at dealing with the snow than the DC/MD/VA area!

But I only had one early class this morning, after which I went back home and went right to sleep.  Since I don’t have to work this afternoon, I’m just going to pretend that the rest of the day was canceled due to the snow, just like the good old days!

Remember that feeling as a kid when school was canceled? It was so exciting because those days were always so few and far in between that it was really special. We could finally pull out those sleds we got for Christmas and spend the day making snowmen, having snowball fights with the neighborhood kids, or sledding down the neighbor’s big hill. Those days were absolutely marvelous, and there was always a cup of hot chocolate ready for us when we got back inside. One year, I remember making a spray bottle with water and yellow food coloring, and my brother Jonathan and I laughed ourselves silly as we went around to every tree and sprayed the base of it yellow as if our dog had peed there. Yellow snow!

Now that I’m an adult, I’m happier to stay inside, eat a bagel and drink hot chocolate and just keep everything cozy. We’re going snowboarding in Austria next weekend for one week, so I’ll get to “play” in the snow then!

Happy snow day, Hamburgers!




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