Ribbon & Chiffon

25 01 2012

Tuesdays are my half day of work, so after running some errands, I spent about 5 hours trying out various methods of making fabric flowers.

First, I tried this tutorial from Alisa Burke to make roses out of ribbon. I had gotten some pretty shades of ribbon from Tobi’s sister for Christmas – white, gray, and pewter – and was happy to give that a try. I also used another ribbon I had saved from Christmas wrapping and sewed a fun button in the middle that I got from a flea market.

Next I tried the chiffon flower, via this tutorial over at Project Wedding. Chiffon frays a lot, so it was a little more difficult to work with, but has a much softer, more flowery feel to it. (Does anyone have any ideas on keeping chiffon from fraying? Google told me it’s best with anti-fray glue, but I don’t have any of that.)

Then I modified the pattern and tried cutting out hearts, fanning them out, and sewing them together. They were much smaller, of course. I also tried one with the satin I had.

The last thing I tried was this ranunculus. I’m going to try it with more layers next time to make it a bit fuller. You achieve the curled look with chiffon* when you pass it over an open flame…it’s a pretty neat trick! This is actually my second one, as the first one had a few brown spots from getting too close to the candle. The tutorial came from this awesome girl with an adorable French voice. Even if you don’t understand French, the video explains the process perfectly.

*If you try that method with satin, it will catch on fire. Just sayin’…from experience.

I also started another little project with seed beads and proceeded to dump a bunch of them on the floor. This crafty trick helped me pick them up from the ground a little more easily!




2 responses

25 01 2012

These look so beautiful! I actually found something called Fraycheck at Karlstadt while I was over there. It’s not too expensive and gets the job done, which is good, but I found it kind of tricky to use because you can still see it after it dries (so I’d recommend practicing with it, or maybe putting it on the underside of whatever you’re working on so it’s not too visible).

Hope you’re doing well!

13 02 2012

Thanks, Shannon! I’ll have to check that out. Hope you’re doing well, too!

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