Wedding Dress Hall of Shame

9 01 2012

I am happy to say that I have ordered my wedding dresses!

Wait, what?

YES! I have ordered two, count’em TWO wedding dresses! And, to go along with the theme, there are two main reasons for this choice. First, I had two favorites, and I had a hard time choosing between them. Second, they were cheap – both under $150 (with shipping included!).

I hope I haven’t made a mistake by buying online, without having had a chance to try them on for sure, but I’m positive it will work out for the best. I really loved both styles, and they were definitely what I was looking for!

At first I thought I would have to choose my favorite and then just try to sell the one I won’t end up using. But then Tobias informed me that it would be ghetto to wear the same dress to the courthouse wedding and to the church wedding since these events aren’t happening on the same day. (We’re planning Friday at the courthouse and Saturday at the church.)

So here’s to hoping that everything works out and fits, and that I really love the dresses!

The Saja dress pictured above (Style #DU6556) was my absolute favorite and just what I had pictured. But at $790, I thought I could probably find something in a similar style for a little cheaper. So I used this as a reference point and found my two great options that I ordered.

Needle in a haystack

Finding dresses I liked was almost like finding a needle in a haystack, though. Everything was far too cupcake-y for my taste. But I soon learned that chiffon and sheath were the key words to look for, so that narrowed things down a bit. And that’s how I found the ones.

But I did come across quite a few very badly designed dresses, as well as some pretty awful photoshop jobs! My sincerest apologies if any of these are your dresses, dear readers, as everyone has different tastes of course. But here are the ones who made the Wedding Dress Hall of Shame. Enjoy!

Best Worst Photoshop Job Award

Not only was the model’s face chopped off, but the fake background and the pasted on feet make her seem to be floating. And check out her elongated arm!

Tallest Bride Ever Award

Either this bride is 7 feet tall, or she’s standing on a stool or a chair or something.

Backward Legs Award

Maybe I’m wrong, but to me it looks as if it’s someone walking into the water, not standing facing the camera. Anyone else?

Pink Meringue Award

Remember that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral where they compare the bride’s dress to a meringue? This pink one would be even more ridiculous!

Renaissance Dress Award

For the die-hard Renaissance Fair fans.

Marie Antoinette Award

I just found this a little too over-the-top. Especially with the gloves.

Split Personality Dress Award

For the brides who can’t choose between a short or a long dress.
The blue collar necklace is a little bit strange, isn’t it?

Strangest Short Dress Award

I have no words. The bodice. The flowers. The shrug. So very strange!

No Legs At All Photoshop Award

Photoshopped feet and a fake background?
Otherwise, this bride has extremely short legs!

Best Worst Background

This is so obviously fake.

Under The Sea Award

This is one of my favorite bad dresses. Looks like a jellyfish!  I guess depending on which theme you go with…it could work…but those tentacles would probably tickle your legs!




2 responses

9 01 2012

Oh my goodness…the fake backgrounds, the chopped legs and feet! These are atrocious and very funny! It is so much fun to follow you while you plan your wedding, thanks for sharing!!!

9 01 2012

Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! There sure are some crazy things out there on the web. Thanks for reading! It’s fun sharing stuff, knowing that family and friends back home can be kept in the loop!

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