Sunniest day of the year

7 01 2012

Today it’s back to gray and gloomy. But yesterday’s weather was absolutely phenomenal, and officially the best weather of 2012 thus far. Just look at this!

Tobias and I have a certain little Biergarten in mind for our wedding reception location, and we went down to visit it again. We had some latte macchiatos and shared a piece of a deliciously rich chocolate cake and tried to envision our decorating plans for the place. We had talked to the Chefin (boss lady!) the week before, and she was there again so we asked her about a few more things, such as bad weather back-up plan (tents possible!), lighting and décor. She advised us to write her an email with all of the details we have in mind, and then she will get back to us with costs.

I hope this place works out. It’s quirky, and a little different. It’s near the harbor. It’s just a 5-minute walk away from the church. So Tobi and I have plans this weekend to draft that email.

After we had finished checking out our possible reception place, we walked down to the harbor. The (relatively) new Hamburg Cruise Center’s rooftop was open, so we climbed the steep stairs up there to have a nice view of the harbor. The top is decorated with blue pieces of glass, which was probably designed to imitate the look of the water. The glass sparkled in the sun, and the seagulls were hanging out quite contentedly, and we enjoyed being out in the sun. It’s been so long since I last wore my sunglasses!

So thanks for the sunny day, Hamburg. It made me fall in love with you all over again! It’s a nice reminder of how beautiful this city can really be.




2 responses

7 01 2012

Congratulations! Interesting to hear about the differences in procedure. I got married in WA state & there practically anyone can officiate a wedding so we had a friend get official with the Church of the Dude (Lebowski). Enjoy planning!

7 01 2012

Thanks, Ebe!

Oh my goodness, Church of the Dude?! That’s awesome!

My students are always very surprised when I tell them that pretty much anyone can get “ordained” on the internet in order to officiate a wedding.

There sure have been some cultural differences that have already popped up between American and German wedding styles and traditions. For example, everyone here keeps asking me if I’m pregnant (which I’m not), because they find it hard to believe we’d get married without having a “real” reason to! LOL!

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