Thanksgiving Feast

28 11 2011

Well, minus a minor burn, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch this year. Tobi’s turkey was perfect, and we had all the good traditional favorites. Our friends really enjoyed tasting these typically American dishes, and they even loved the sweet potatoes with marshmallows even more than I expected.

We had 9 people altogether and there were just the right amount of leftovers that Tobi and I could have another Thanksgiving “dinner” for lunch the next day.

And my burn is feeling quite a lot better. Note to self for next year: don’t grab the handle of a pan you’ve put into the oven!




5 responses

28 11 2011
Liz Williams

That’s just like *note to self, don’t put your hand on the burner you turned on to see if it’s hot yet*

28 11 2011

JUST like that. Did I say that before or is that something you did?

28 11 2011
Liz Williams

Haha, no Sarah that’s something YOU did while you were here once. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but it’s been awhile.

28 11 2011

Thought that sounded a little *too* familiar. 🙂 I do stuff like that all the time, so I guess it makes sense.

29 11 2011
Liz Williams

Haha, yeah.

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