Cold feet

25 11 2011

I spend far more time outside these days now that I live in Germany. It’s a Europe thing, I think, or at least a city thing, because I walk to many more places. On the one hand, I don’t have to worry about scraping ice off the windows of my car or having to hold onto a cold steering wheel. That’s one thing I don’t miss about driving in the winter for sure, not to mention the added danger of slippery roads from snow and ice.

But on the other hand, I find it hard to choose footwear on cold winter days. My hiking boots are warm, as are my snow boots, but I don’t want to have to wear those all day long while I teach. As soon as the bulky jackets and coats come off, it’s funny how out of place big boots look on my feet with my normal work attire.

However, when I wear regular shoes, my feet are freezing (sometimes quite literally). While my heels stay warm enough when I wear high-heeled shoes, the toes are still close enough to the ground that they freeze too.

Maybe I could bring back platform shoes like it’s 1999. But me being a trend-setter is not really all that conceivable. So what else can I do?

At the shoe stores recently, I’ve seen two different types of sole inserts for your shoes which are supposed to help keep in the warmth, or so they say. One version is with lamb’s wool, and the other with aluminum. But I’m a little skeptical.

Has anyone ever used any of these types of inserts before? Do they really help, or will I have to invest in a pair of platformed shoes after all?

What’s your go-to for cold-weather footwear, especially you city-dwellers? 




One response

25 11 2011

I think the aluminum is supposed to reflect back your body warmth. I saw it on tv one time (not for a shoe insert) and it worked really well. I think this would be a sound investment.

My winter go to is wool socks.

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