Crafty weekend

15 11 2011

Last week I bought a hot glue gun, which has been the best thing ever for crafting. Seriously. You can do so much more with hot glue than with any other type of glue. Plus, those silky pieces of glue that come off when you pull the glue gun away are pretty neat (they look kind of like spider webs), and the smell is just heavenly. I think it reminds me of when I was a kid, because my mom did a lot of crafting with a hot glue gun as well.

This means that this past weekend, I turned into a crafting maniac. For three days straight, the living room was a complete mess of paper scraps, pairs of scissors, glue sticks, sewing supplies, felt, paints, beads and fiberfill.

I made approximately 20 ornaments for the tree, finished up a few projects, tried several crafts I’d pinned via Pinterest, and even came up with a few ideas of my own.

Here are some of the things I tried (all pictures by me):

Modern paper ornaments, via


3D cards inspired by Creativity Prompt & 3D tags inspired by Warm Hot

A tinsel star via Martha


A clothes peg angel inspired by one we had at home
and also by these cute ballerinas by Pompomemporium


A birch cardboard house via Getting Stitched on the Farm,
except I added holes to the windows and left space for an LED tealight candle inside so it glows

A few of these paper trees via Martha
(which were more difficult than expected but still rather cute)

3D Paper Trees via  Making Lemonade

Pinecone Elves once again via Martha


It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the easiest thing to make was the modern paper ornaments. I used paint chips for mine, and they turned out pretty neat-looking. Perhaps they’d be cooler with paint on both sides; my chips had bar codes on the backs of them, which I actually think is pretty cool, because if you look at them from one side, it’s colorful, and from the other side, it’s black and white. I will definitely make some more smaller ones with other colorful paper for the tree.

And here are the results of some of my own ideas:

A felt snowman with twiggy arms

A 3D collage using the 3D tree technique with paint chips and white pompom snowballs!

Using up some leftover cinnamon sticks, tied in a bundle with a Merry Christmas bow

A champagne cork Santa Claus with felt

Mini Christmas trees (Charlie Brown style!) with clippings I found and some wood chips

It was a fun weekend!  I’ve found that doing crafts more regularly can definitely help spur on your creativity! The more you make, the more ideas you get. I’m excited about all of these things I’ll get to hang on the tree!

Do you make Christmas ornaments, or do you prefer store-bought ones? Have you made or bought any new ornaments this year?




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