Nature around here

7 11 2011

Over here in Hamburg, it’s getting to the point where there are more leaves on the ground than there are on the trees. And it’s been pretty constantly foggy and gray all day for the past several days. But that’s okay – it’s that nice November feeling where you just want to stay inside, drink tea or hot chocolate and try to get over that cold that’s inevitably making its rounds. I had it this weekend and now Tobi seems to as well.

Speaking of hot beverages, I had some hot chocolate yesterday during our jam session. My favorite type of hot chocolate is made with milk, with a dash of almond extract and marshmallows on top.  (A close second is during Christmastime, when I like to use a peppermint candy cane as a stirrer!)

And here are a few other nature pictures from recent walks:

Take a look at these crazy purple berries!  I didn’t edit this picture at all.  They are literally THAT purple.  I wonder what kind of plant this is?

Even the ivy is changing colors.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Hope it’s as relaxing for you as a Monday can possibly be.




2 responses

7 11 2011

Hello, your purple berry is a “Kriech-Heckenkirsche” 😉

7 11 2011

Cool, Selina! Vielen Dank!!!

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