A very nice Saturday

29 10 2011

This morning after breakfast, we did a little home decorating.

We finally hung up the remaining two curtains in our bedroom that had been sitting around for probably about two months now.  We moved things around, Tobi stood up on a table in order to reach the top of our tall windows, and we drilled holes in the walls to mount the curtain rods.  Once everything was up, we had to figure out how long to hem them and then actually hem (iron-on hemming tape is great!) and iron three curtains.

Now our bedroom is nice and cozy.  It’s even nicer when the sun is shining through in the morning.

Then we went to the Deichtorhallen to see those exhibitions I talked about before.  I bought the “Kombi” pass for both exhibitions, but after seeing the one, we were pretty museum-ed out!  The Wunder exhibition was phenomenal.  It was all about miracles and magic and the representation of that in many different ways.

It had a really nice mix of video, sculpture, collage, photography, and vintage things (like Goethe’s grandsons’ magic box with magic tricks!). They even had several interactive pieces, such as a booth that switches your face with the person sitting next to you on the computer screen.  And they also had a room with big buttons on the floor that you had to stand on in a certain pattern as shown on the screen, and then when all the buttons were pushed, it took a picture of the group and printed it out.  Now Tobi and I are on a picture hanging in the wall in that exhibition!

The other building at the Deichtorhallen has an exhibition in it with photos from Paris from the 1800s until now.  I want to see that too, and seeing as I still have my pass for it, I’ll have to go to that one another day.  Apparently the ticket NEVER expires, which is not all that common, is it?!  The lady at the museum ticket booth assured me with a laugh that it really was true that it is validforever.   I’m not sure if her laugh was because of how incredulous I must have looked, or because I used the wrong German word.

Then Tobi and I walked down the Mönckebergstraße (which is like the Champs-Élysées of Hamburg) and enjoyed looking in windows and dodging around the slower walkers.  We visited theMUJI shop, which had a few cute things in it.  And then we went back home and went shopping before the grocery stores closed and bought some ingredients for sushi.

Tobias is now hard at work making some beautiful and delicious sushi (I’ve tried a few already) and we’re going to watch Casino Royale, which is playing on TV soon.

It was a wonderful Saturday!  What kinds of things did you do today?

And when was the last time you went to a museum in your own city?




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