My beautiful birthday bike

17 10 2011

Without further ado, here are some pictures of my new bike that Tobias got me for my birthday!  I took lots of close-ups because it has such pretty details on it.  It’s shiny and girly and great!

Isn’t it pretty?  Such interesting detail on the fender.  And the fact that it says “Golden Times” makes me think of MIKA’s We Are Golden just makes me love it more!

I wanted to attach the video but I can’t find the original We Are Golden music video on YouTube.  But I did find this wonderful acoustic version!  I’m glad I couldn’t find the original!

Anyway, we took a bike trip to Lübeck this weekend (which was pretty hardcore, by the way) and I got to use my bike for the first time.  It works great!  More on the trip in another post.  And I haven’t shared about Berlin yet!  And I haven’t posted nearly as many cute pictures of my new niece Abigail as I could…  So it looks like this’ll be a busy week full of posts!




2 responses

17 10 2011
ian in hamburg

Nice bike. Just a bit of advice. Lock your bike up inside your place, don’t leave it outside even during the day for very long no matter what lock you have, and NEVER leave it outside overnight.

Three years, three bikes stolen. I love this country.

17 10 2011

Three bikes in three years! That’s awful, Ian! I’m sorry to hear that. Thanks for the advice…it would be extra sad if this one got stolen since it was a birthday present! So, where in Hamburg do you live?

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