27 09 2011

This Saturday, I went on a little day trip to Lüneburg to visit some friends who live there.  Jessica, who  is a coworker of mine, and her boyfriend Lübbe showed me around the city and gave me some history lessons.  For example, it used to have a big fish market.  And the town’s main source of wealth was salt.

It’s a quaint little town and all the buildings are so old-fashioned, colorful and give the town a much different look than Hamburg.  It has a lot older feel to it because it’s one of the few towns in North Germany that wasn’t destroyed during WWII.

We had a great time!  We hung out by the Stint, which is named after a type of fish and apparently called Smelt in English.  Anyway, the Stint is THE place to be in Lüneburg, with lots of cafés, restaurants and bars there, as well as a river and a very big, old crane.

We saw a big open-air market at the town hall, lots of busy little shops and restaurants, street performers and people sitting outside, enjoying the sunlight and warm temperatures.

We ate burgers & fries at O’Leary’s, a pub/sports bar which Jessica and Lübbe frequent.  Then we walked around the small streets, and I was a tourist and took lots of pictures.  So, here are a few of my favorites!

If you look VERY closely on this one, you can see Lübbe and Jessica’s reflection in the window above the girl in pink in the foreground!  And isn’t it just the CUTEST thing ever that the Ü in Bücher (books) looks like an owl?  THat’s the main reason for taking this picture.

And last but not least, check out this crooked tower of the St. John church!

Next time I visit, I want to visit the Salt Museum and the Michaeliskirche, which is where J.S. Bach was a choirboy during his youth.  And of course drink more beer with Jessica and Lübbe at the Stint!  It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday.




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27 09 2011

Nice !

28 09 2011

Looks like you had a swell time. We did, too — last year at the WEBMU there. Here are the pictures I took from that outing: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cliff1976/sets/72157624831841535/with/4990231767/

Will you join us this year in Cologne? Details are are http://www.expatbloggersingermany.com — hope you can make it!

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