Before my morning coffee…

22 09 2011

This morning, as I was making our usual latte, I poured two glasses of milk and stuck them in the microwave.

But THEN I realized that I was alone.  Tobias is in France for a job…he left yesterday.  Thankfully I realized my silly mistake before microwaving it, and I just poured it back into the milk carton!

It’s funny how the mind works on autopilot sometimes, isn’t it?

Tobias is the best, though – he left the sweetest goodbye note for me on the blackboard: kisses for each day of the week until he’s back in Hamburg. He sure gets romantic brownie points for that!




2 responses

23 09 2011
Julia Meadows

I don’t know why I decided of all your posts to take the time to comment on this one but just letting you know as always your blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to them. ❤ Auto-pilot is a very funny thing. I have these moments more often all the time. hehe.

24 09 2011

Aw, thanks Julia for commenting. It’s nice to hear from you. The brain sure is an interesting thing! I bet it happens a lot as a mother, too.

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