Pretty little things

13 09 2011

Tobias always brings me back the most lovely, special little things from his work trips.  They’re usually tasty treats and it’s always so cute how he thinks of me to do that.  Once he brought back a pretty necklace from a Zürich thrift shop.  On one trip to Paris, he brought back a box of macarons (because before he went, I bugged him about eating as many pastries as possible during his stay in Paris!).  On his most recent trip to Paris, he brought back some caramel goodies: caramel tea and soft caramel bonbons.

This beautiful can of Lyle’s Golden Syrup was the first souvenir he brought back for me when he wen to London a year and a half ago.  I enjoyed the syrup inside on baguettes and toast and ate more than half the can.  This weekend I found it in the back of our pantry and was sad to see that the syrup wasn’t quite edible anymore.  But I cleaned up the can and put my new succulent in it.  Ain’t it purdy?!

I got my new crassula at IKEA this past weekend.

About that…we went there to buy a new pillow and then ended up leaving with 250€ worth of new kitchen supplies, 5 curtains, this lovely plant and some other doo-dads, as well as not one, but TWO regular pillows and a throw pillow. Does this happen to anybody else?

I just love succulents.  (You may remember the last one I got at IKEA.)  And though I did succeed in killing two of my baby succulents, they’re relatively hard to kill, which is pretty much a requirement for me and my awful gardening skills.  The remaining baby succulent has thrived, however, perhaps thanks to the extra space.

As Tobias can attest to, I was particularly excited about this one.  I held it on my lap and smiled at it during the whole train ride home.  It’s just so…voluptuous.

And there we go.  I never thought I’d use that word to describe a plant.




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