Never forget

11 09 2011

Ten years ago.

I was 14 and in the 10th grade on September 11, 2001.  I remember hearing rumors about it in class.  We didn’t know exactly what was going on, but we knew something big had happened.  The bell rang, we switched classes, and then the announcements started – some students were being called down to the office for their parents to be taken home.  This continued for the entire rest of the day, and soon teachers gave up their lesson plans.  At that point, we had heard what had happened.  Two planes.  Twin towers.  Unbelievable.

The rest is kind of a blur.  My name was called eventually, as was my brother’s, and my mom took us home, along with my friend Angela who lived just a few minutes away from us.  At home, we sat in front of the TV, as I’m sure most everyone else did on that day, taking in all of the horrible images.  Things like that happen in movies, I thought, but not in real life.  If only it had been just a movie.

Today I am melancholy as I remember the horror and despair, the lives lost, the idea that something this terrible could happen so unexpectedly.  But I am also hopeful as I remember the heroes of that day, those who are rebuilding something new in place of destruction, and the incredible human spirit of dignity and resilience.

On this tenth anniversary, I sincerely hope everyone makes it through this day unscathed.  I pray for those who lost loved ones. And today I remember.

Ten years ago.

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2 responses

11 09 2011

Our teacher ran and grabbed one of the TV’s and we all sat in silence as we watched. It was a shocking and terrifying sight. It is encouraging to hear the stories of survival from that day.

11 09 2011

Do you remember which class you were in, Mal? I can only vaguely remember it – but I know I was in English class when I got pulled out. I don’t remember seeing anything on TV until we got home though.

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