1 09 2011

Hooray!  Now that it’s September, it is officially fall, as far as I’m concerned.  Especially since we’ve had chilly autumnal weather all summer long (minus one hot day thrown in just for fun every few weeks).  In fact, I found my first orange leaf of autumn on the ground last Tuesday and taped it up to the window to enjoy its pretty vibrant color.  (I’m thinking of adding a few more as I find them!)

For a lot of you in the States, you’re only just dreaming of cooler weather, but for us – well, we never really got our hot summer, so it has started a little earlier for us.

So…welcome, September!  Even though it’s officially summer until the 23rd, we’re excited to have you here and the promise of all my favorite fall things.

And this year is great because this fall, I’ll be getting my very first niece in November! I’m counting down the days!

Autumn allergies

Fall has unfortunately meant a lot of extra allergies for me.  There’s something in the air, and with all this wind, I have been sneezing violently, which often scares the bajingas out of Tobi when he’s nearby.  Ha!  But really, it hasn’t been that fun.  Two weeks ago, I finally went to the allergist to get things checked out.  I had one of those prick tests as a kid, but that was so long ago that I don’t remember exactly what I had allergies to.  And allergies can develop over time, as well, so I figured it would be a good time to get that done.

It wasn’t really new information, but at least we know for sure.  As it turns out, I’m most allergic to mites (dust, which is unfortunately everywhere), birch, and grass pollen.  So that explains the year-round allergies!  (Winter = dust; spring/summer/fall = grass pollen and birch.)

So they sent in an order to the pharmacy for a mix of allergy shots and (lucky me!) I get to start them next Thursday.  The therapy takes 3 years, but hopefully it will help.

(On an animal-related note: They didn’t check for horses or dogs, but those are both without a doubt bad allergies for me.  But I barely reacted to cats, which was a surprise!  I’m not going to push my luck by petting any cats anytime soon, but that is encouraging a bit!  I remember I had a bad reaction to cats on the last prick test – more than dogs.)

The interesting thing is that my raw fruit allergies are related to the grass pollen and the birch allergies.  Apparently these fruits have an enzyme that is the same or similar to those found in grass pollen and birch.  Some fruits cause more reactions than others (cherries more than kiwi, for example), but at least I can eat them once the fruit has been cooked.

Does anyone else have any pesky allergies?  Have you tried immunotherapy via allergy shots?  Have you noticed any improvement?

Here’s hoping it will help!




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1 09 2011
CN Heidelberg

My allergies are almost year-round too! I’ve never had them tested, though. Maybe this post will be my push to finally do it. Do you just go to your GP and ask them to do it, or ?

2 09 2011

Well, I went to my GP and she originally just prescribed a nose spray to help with the Schnupfen but recommended I make an appointment with an allergist. Lucky for me, there is one in the same office, so that was great. If you’re looking to start some treatment, I’d definitely recommend getting it started!!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve never been able to breathe out of both nostrils. Usually neither…and if I was lucky, one would be clear enough to breathe easily. And so many people asked me if I was sick last winter when I wasn’t, and it was just extremely stuffy because of allergies. I don’t want that to happen again! Besides, it’s just nice being able to breathe easier. 🙂

I hope you go!

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