Midnight in Paris

30 08 2011

Last Friday night I went out with my friend Ariane to see Midnight in Paris at the small cinema near us.  That meant we saw it in German, which was okay but kind of strange, considering the fact that I’m American (and so is the movie) and Ariane is French, and the movie takes place in France.  But it was still a nice film!

I really enjoyed it!  Sure…as Ariane complained, it did have a lot of clichés.  The movie started out with short shots of all sorts of Paris landmarks.

But as much as I am glad I don’t live in Paris anymore, it still gave me a nice, nostalgic feeling that convinced me to go back to Paris for a visit sometime soon.

It was magical and such a cute plot idea!  I’m a total romantic when it comes to good art and literature, and the thought of meeting famous people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway in person makes me feel JUST like a pre-teen girl would feel if given the chance to meet Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber.  I’d be beyond excited!

Owen Wilson was adorable…the only thing I missed about seeing it in German was not hearing his voice!  And Marion Cotillard was also quite fabulous.  And it was a nice reminder that the “old days” are not necessarily the best days, that there is value in living in the here and now!  Even when it’s raining…or especially when it’s raining, a place can be beautiful.  (That was definitely something to think about because we’d had thunderstorms all evening!)

Carla Bruni & Owen Wilson

Marion Cotillard & Owen

Plus, Kathy Bates, the actor who plays Jo from The Office, was Gertrude Stein in this movie, and the fiancée’s father was played Kurt Fuller, who is also the coroner in Psych!  So funny to see both of them in more serious roles…  Plus, there was Carla Bruni (France’s first lady!) in a small role, as well as Gad Elmaleh, a French actor.  It was fun for me to see so many familiar faces.

Has anyone else seen this movie?  What did you think?  Did it appeal to the romantic side of you, or did you think it was over-the-top cliché?

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