Ice cream, sun and birthday parties

21 08 2011

This weekend we were blessed with some sun and warm(er) temperatures!

Tobias and I celebrated by getting some ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop, Eisliebe, on Saturday.  (I tried a new flavor – Mandelsplitter – almond with chocolate pieces – and it was AWESOME!)

We also did some housework, and I got some gardening done.  I replaced the dead plants with some colorful chrysanthemums and chose a pretty heather plant for the white pail planter.

Then we went to a friend’s birthday party and made this as a funny present, since she turned 30:

(idea seen on Pinterest)


Today we took a nap on the sand down by the Elbe and on our way back we caught the tail end of the professional cyclists at the Cyclassics race.

On the menu for tonight is confit de canard that Tobias brought back with him from his last trip to France.

How was your weekend?  Did it go by far too quickly like mine did?




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