2 08 2011

Today marks exactly one whole year in Hamburg!

And it was just the most awesome day ever.  I worked until 2:45 pm and then had the rest of the evening off.  Then Tobias and I spent some time at the beach and talked a lot and then I finished the book I was reading.  The weather was even so nice and warm (78°F!) that I wore my bikini top at the beach.  (It’s not really a real beach, but there is sand and water.)

In the evening we went to a park with some friends and did some barbecuing, and then Tobi and I finished the night at one of our favorite neighborhood bars, Aurel, with a Caipirinha to celebrate!

AND Tobias surprised me with some beautiful flowers today for my anniversary!

Today was just simply the best and I’m glad I could do some things to celebrate it!

And for memory’s sake, here is last year’s post.




One response

7 08 2011

Sounds like the perfect Hamburg day! Happy 1-year Germanniversary!

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