Pink lantern

1 08 2011

I picked up this pink paper lantern for 1€ the other day because I had seen this project from Martha Stewart Living’s website.  I don’t have any tissue paper, however, so I don’t think I’ll be doing this project after all, because now I’m not so sure it’d fit in our apartment anyway.  I’m sure Tobi will think it’s too girly!  😉  And he’d be right, although it could definitely be cute in the right context, like a bridal shower or baby shower.

So I hung it up on our naked lightbulb in our hallway to see how it’d look.  Well, having a pink hallway wasn’t exactly the coolest look, so I took it back down again.

And then had the idea to put a chain of Christmas lights in it.  So I wrapped the lights around the metal base on the inside, stuck it up on one of our candlestick holders, and called it a lamp!

It’s pretty cool mood lighting – would be nice for a party!




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