26 06 2011

The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts today.  It’s in GERMANY this year and we’re missing the entire thing because it takes place during the 3 weeks we’re in the States.  I think it would have been cool to watch it, but I don’t really want to spend my short time in the US watching soccer.  I’ve got too many friends and family to visit as much as I can!

This past Friday, even the Hamburg metro announced it on the billboards:

“Only 2 days left until the Women’s World Cup 2011”

And this other ad I saw last week was also pretty funny:

“Boys, we’ll avenge you!”

It’s a reference to the fact that Germany’s men’s national team did so well but didn’t get the win in the end.  I actually didn’t get it at first until I realized that the World Cup was coming up.

Is anyone actually planning on watching it?




One response

26 06 2011

I don’t usually watch much of the World Cup, but try to stay in the know. Will you be in Ocean City this year?

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