25 06 2011

I just ordered a new pair of Birkenstock sandals.  Same style as my old pair (Gizeh) in onyx.

They’ll arrive at my US address soon…hopefully during stay.  Oops.  Keeping my fingers crossed for minimum delivery time!

Onyx is such a cool word, isn’t it?  Don’t believe me?  Say it out loud!  (I’ll wait…) ONYX!  See?  I told you.

Does it remind anyone else of Pokémon?  I feel like a nerd for admitting it, but I totally used to watch Pokémon when I was in middle school.  And played the Game Boy game – red or blue.  Back when there were only 150 types of these little creatures.  Who knows how many there are now…ask any 10-year-old and I’m sure they could tell you.  It’s still popular, right?  No?

Speaking of treats, before I leave for the US, I am going to get an ice cream cone from Eisliebe – ice cream love – the best place in the neighborhood.  There’s always a big line out front, but it’s SO worth it.  It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.




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